Opinion from Bailey: Summit’s luging long-boarders present risks | SummitDaily.com

Opinion from Bailey: Summit’s luging long-boarders present risks

Luging longboarders present risks

While I was riding my bike the other day I got to thinking about the debate surrounding longboarders on the bike path. That day, I happened to be starting the climb up to Copper from Frisco and noticed more than one group of longboarders coming down the hill. I do not claim to be an expert, but I felt that they were traveling at speeds fast enough to be near fatal. I acknowledge that anyone can come down that hill at great speeds, and I also acknowledge that the bike path is open for use to everyone, long boarders not excluded. There is huge risk traveling at those speeds, but I would like to note that a biker’s brakes are at his or her fingertips, whereas a longboarder’s are not. In fact, a long board is not equipped with official brakes at all. Perhaps I might be mistaken, but when longboarders travel down a hill at speeds fast enough to be fatal, while riding down on their backs, I fear that stopping the longboard is an incredible challenge. I will not dictate where one can or cannot ride a longboard, but I ask longboarders to consider the risk. When a longboarder speeds around a blind corner to find a mother taking a picture of her child and fails to find control to avoid a collision, the longboarder will not find much empathy. In fact, there might be so little that someone will dictate where you cannot ride a longboard.

Emmett Bailey


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