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Opinion from Billeaud: Ban the infernal racket of back-up alarms

Ban beeping backup alarms

I know it’s only a minor issue, but can’t something be done about those infernal backup alarms? Why are they allowed to pollute the soundscape hundreds and even thousands of feet away from their source? This is crazy. One guy on a machine can literally spoil the enjoyment of the entire day for anyone within earshot. Innocent, non-involved people should not have to endure someone else’s noise in this manner. Most people, like us, have their windows open at home and at work around here during the summer, and we get bombarded by this incessant, mindless beeping constantly. It’s not right, it’s not fair and it’s certainly not necessary. Warning lights should be enough, and if not, sensors that brake the vehicle would be completely safe, safer than the backup alarms, in fact. If that’s still not enough, water can be sprayed behind the vehicle every time it backs up. Any or all of these, or other alternative methods, would be far, far preferable to the daily, hourly, minute-by-minute sonic assault we are currently being subjected to by these noxious backup alarms, which must be silenced. Pursuit of happiness? Very difficult with backup alarms anywhere in the vicinity.

Ed Billeaud


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