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Opinion from Bird: Red, white and boo on Republican hypocrisy

Red, white and boo on Republican hypocrisy

Ahhh, another celebration of freedom, equality, equal rights, justice and liberty for all is upon us.

Of course, this has never been and never will be, as long as we have the American Taliban, i.e., Republicans, among us.

To wit, Paula Deen said the N-word a few decades ago and in a few days she is ruined, while the above-mentioned party assaults women’s rights (regarding) their own bodies, denies Obamacare, the law of the land to millions in Pennsylvania, and other states. Whilst the Supreme Court removes the barriers of same-sex marriage, still some 30 states forbid to implement this right to people who cannot change the way they were born.

And most egregious, was the court’s ruling setting back voting rights for minorities, the aged and many more, saying we don’t need them any more. Well, it took exactly two days for the “Confederacy” to bring back the draconian regulations that were outlawed last year.

I ask, when will this bull and hypocrisy end? Just wearing the red, white and blue and attending a parade is in no way extending equal rights to everyone. The 4th of July is just an excuse to get drunk, go to a furniture sale and pretend you are a great patriot.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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