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Opinion from Byers: Hash pipes at the gates of Dillon

Hash pipes at the gates of Dillon

I’m 11 years old. On Saturday our family went to the Pink Floyd concert at the amphitheater. I was really looking forward to the music. Shortly after the music started, the strong, pungent smell of marijuana filled the air. This ruined the concert for me. I decided to play with friends on the playground but was followed by the same smell. Hoping that the smoking stopped, I sat back down with my family. The smell only got heavier and gave me a headache. I found it hard to breathe, forcing us to leave the concert. For those of you who smoke pot in public maybe my letter will let you know it is selfish for you to share your smoke at a free event like this especially with so many kids and tourists around. It gives Dillon a bad reputation and I would not want to visit again. I don’t understand why smoking pot is allowed at an event like this, but a dog is not?

Chase Byers


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