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Opinion from Metcalf: Dillon Valley drainage doesn’t cut it

Dillon Valley drainage doesn’t cut it

For all the Dillon Valley residents who were affected by the recent flooding and subsequent closure of Straight Creek: get used to it. Last summer, the county renovated the existing culverts, only to make them smaller. Instead of removing the old undersized culverts and replacing them with larger pipes, they left the old ones there and installed newer, smaller pipes inside the old ones. For a location that is know to flood almost every year, the decision to make the culverts smaller is a baffling one. This will almost assuredly lead to greater flooding and greater risk to personal property. This is also a life safety issue. Aside from the actual flooding posing a risk to nearby residents, what about first responders (ambulances, fire trucks, law enforcement) being detoured because sandbags block the road? This is some poor planning and poor engineering.

Colin Metcalf


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