Parrott: A tasteless cartoon (letter) |

Parrott: A tasteless cartoon (letter)

The tasteless political cartoon (Views, Oct.26) poking “fun” at an illegal immigrant is not funny, is hurtful to many, and is a bad sequel to last month’s equally tasteless “anchor baby” cartoon (Views, Sept.2). What is the point of printing these cartoons?

In the last week, we have read several hopeful and uplifting articles about a Colorado immigrant rights group bringing their annual assembly to Summit County (SDN, Oct.21), and discussing ways to improve communication between local law enforcement and the Latino community (SDN, Oct.25). This past weekend many of us enjoyed the Dia de los Muertos celebration, sponsored by Breckenridge Creative Arts, with our friends and neighbors. Now, this cheap attempt to get laughs at the expense of our neighbors and fellow workers undermines the good will which was generated by the events described above.

Mary Parrott


Editor’s note: I agree, Mary. It was a flat-out dumb cartoon and it should not have run. I have a different interpretation of the what the cartoonist might have meant, but the cartoon is far too ambiguous in its message.

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