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Pitman: CDOT too quick to claim success (letter)

After reading the article on the I-70 toll road (Dec. 29), I am left to wonder whether CDOT decided to redefine success. It “…sort of helped with the delay” is not exactly a ringing endorsement considering that the traffic density was considerably less than the anticipated maximum. Charging the minimum of $3 per vehicle pretty much validates that the traffic was nowhere near anything considered a high volume.

I am not ready to give the lane thumbs up or down, but it would seem to me that first you define your criteria for success and then assess it over a season’s worth of traffic. Otherwise, one could end up looking rather silly with these early effusive endorsements.

I am maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism. So, CDOT, get back with us after a full season in many weather conditions, traffic densities, and accident situations. I am waiting with wild anticipation!

Charles Pitman


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