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Powell: Left out in the cold by Summit Stage

On Saturday, Jan. 3, I and many others tried to catch the Stage from Copper Mountain at 4:30 p.m. The weather was miserable. The traffic on I-70 could be seen at a stand still. I called the Stage office. I asked when the next bus would arrive at Copper and was told in 10 minutes. I waited a half hour. Another person called and was told they didn’t know when a bus would arrive. Many of us left to get a bite to eat.

A friend called me and said that the bus arrived at 5:30 and had departed. I called the Stage at 5:40 and asked when the next bus would arrive now that traffic was moving. I was told 10 minutes. Two friends and I went to the bus stop and stood in 15 degrees cold. At 6:05, someone called the Stage and asked when the bus would arrive. They were told 10 minutes. At 6:30, a young woman at the stop called. She said, “I know the roads are bad. I know you can’t control the traffic. But I’m standing here freezing. Please just tell me when the bus is coming. I don’t care if it is two hours late; you can’t control that. But at least tell me when it is coming. I can go inside and not freeze to death.” She was put on hold for a minute and then told the next bus would not arrive until 7 p.m. We all left to get warm.

I think this woman said it exactly correctly. We know you can’t control the weather or the traffic. But at least tell us what you think is going to happen. Don’t lie to us and tell us “10 minutes” every half hour. Somebody in the Stage office must know what is happening and should keep the person who answers the phone apprised. Certainly you can track 18 buses and know what is happening. Please define a better protocol during stoppages!

I ride the bus frequently and usually enjoy the service. You need to find a better method to respond in emergencies. It is not a driver issue; it is a management problem.

Jim Powell


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