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Power: Summit County recpath a deadly accident waiting to happen

I’ve lived in Summit County since 1988. I’ve been cycling the rec path since then. I’m on the path roughly 20 hours, or 350 miles, a week.

We all know the problems caused by reckless bike rental companies that drop off unsuspecting tourists at the top of Vail Pass. We all know the problems caused by off-leash dogs as the path runs through Frisco. I myself have been in the ER twice due to accidents caused by tourists who don’t know how to ride a bike.

The newest, and most serious problem, is the proliferation of longboarders coming down from Copper to Frisco. Two days ago an overweight, middle-aged man was coming straight at me in my lane. Just before he was going to hit me, he jumped off his board. The board went under my wheels and how I avoided a fall is sheer luck. After I told him what an ass he was, I had to listen to the usual barrage of insults from him and his stupid friends. They were filming themselves, with GoPros set up on Gorilla pods.

Not all longboarders are like the one who almost hit me. I have seen many expert riders who can ride coffin style at 45 mph with complete control. It’s the posers that are causing the problems. How can an out-of-shape person drinking a beer in one hand, smoking a joint with the other, and riding a board be in any type of control?

Cycling to from Frisco to Copper has become a defensive endeavor. This isn’t any fun. It’s scary, it’s dangerous, and it’s going to be deadly. Can’t the department that oversees the rec path please do something before it is too late? How about starting with some signage? If money is an issue, contact me and I’l help put up the signs. We have to start somewhere.

Terry Power


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