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Raymond: Doggie bag blues in Summit County wilderness

In her editorial about “irresponsible dog owners,” Bea Warner mentioned the on-going habit of walkers/hikers who leave poop bags along our recreation paths. As a volunteer ranger/member of Friends of the Eagles Nest Wilderness, I am continually confronted with poop bags as I hike the wilderness trails of the White River National Forest. While I commend those who do pick up after their dogs, those who leave them for others to remove are irresponsible, rude and disrespectful by leaving poop bags on the trail or, worse, at the trail head entry. Who do they think is tasked with removing their dog poo?

That’s not part of our job description, folks. But, since you won’t take the bags out for proper disposal, we or other responsible hikers have to. And, we really don’t like to mess with your mess.

So, friends and neighbors, use your common sense, if you have any, to help keep our pathways clear of your dogs’ poop.

And, pay it forward.

Dave Raymond


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