Rogers: Cannabis Club documentary great exposure for Breckenridge |

Rogers: Cannabis Club documentary great exposure for Breckenridge

I’d like to thank Stacy Smith for her letter. I’m sure many people have similar questions and concerns.

First let’s dissect ‘legal drug lord’, an overly sensational term the producers chose to get everyone’s attention. Prefacing the term ‘drug lord’ with the word ‘legal’ is somewhat contradictory; In this case, marijuana, like alcohol, is legal, and therefore if one truly believes we are drug lords then the same could be said for the operators of our liquor establishments. We would never have described ourselves as drug lords, but understand its purpose in advertising.

Rest assured, if we controlled council, this conversation would not have lasted long. This conversation has been a public one, occurring at the podium in council chambers since 2013. Our attempts to “swing council” happened during public comment where we tried to convince officials to allow our store to keep its longstanding location. The opposition also spent some time speaking at public comment, one speaker went so far as to threaten a councilwoman’s job if she voted “Yes” to marijuana on Main Street, saying “You should know better than to bite the hand that feeds you.”

The marijuana market is very competitive in Breckenridge, and tourists and locals alike can expect a gram to gram price similar to Denver. However, state law doesn’t allow tourists to buy in bulk, and 90% of our customers are tourists. That means that unlike Denver stores who cater mostly to Coloradans, the majority of our customers do not qualify for bulk purchase discounts. To put it simply, Denver stores make a lot of bulk sales and have a lower average price.

Though we don’t have editorial control, we believe the beauty of the town and the people will shine bright on television.

Brian Rogers

Owner, Breckenridge Cannabis Club

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