Sabatini: Bravo to the Courage Classic riders |

Sabatini: Bravo to the Courage Classic riders

Have Courage

Bravo to each and every one who rode in the Courage Classic. They are all special people, riding for others who are very special as well.

As an experienced local cyclist I was somewhat hesitant to ride in/along with the larger peletons that characterized the event.

To my surprise, the riders were, to a person, caring, compassionate for all (registered or not), fully aware of cycling etiquette, courteous and just plain great riding company.

I applaud their efforts and commend those who committed to participate in the Courage Classic. I am of the mind that this event, with a noble cause underlain, is a sterling example of what a great community we have throughout Colorado.

In fact, I am planning to register for the ride next year. It will be a wonderful to be part of this sublime event and support the Children’s Hospital.

Mark C. Sabatini


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