Scanlan: Amendment 66 will modernize school finance |

Scanlan: Amendment 66 will modernize school finance

Colorado needs an education system that reflects the changing workforce needs of the 21st century while increasing the accountability and transparency on school districts for how dollars are spent in support of kids. Amendment 66 serves to both support and modernize how Colorado funds schools through targeted investments aimed at innovation. Important reforms that Colorado has enacted, and which serve as models nationally, are supported in the measure including: setting statewide standards for what students need to know at every grade level; holding schools and districts responsible for student achievement; ensuring all students have highly effective teachers; and requiring every child to be reading at grade level by the third grade. Each of these represents an important step forward towards transforming our education system to one that is student-centered and reflects the diverse needs of our kids — whether it means providing challenging curr!

icula for gifted students or targeting interventions for at-risk students. There is no more important investment in Colorado’s future – from both an economic growth perspective and a belief that a better tomorrow for our children is in all our interest. Please consider voting to support Amendment 66.

Christin Scanlan


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