Summit County dog owners aren’t doing their part with poop (letter) |

Summit County dog owners aren’t doing their part with poop (letter)

Does it take Quandary the Goat to knock some common sense into Summit dog owners? As a Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Tour Guide and daily hiker who also is a dog owner, I am puzzled by the high percentage of residents who fail to pick up after their dogs. At the beginning of every tour, especially in popular French Gulch, I feel it necessary to advise guests to be careful where they step due to dog waste on trails. This is not a great introduction to hiking in Summit County. Probably less than half of the dog hikers I encounter “carry out” and most, no doubt, are locals. This problem is rampant on all of the popular hiking trails in the area particularly Boreas Pass, Sapphire Point, McCullough Gulch, etc..and yes, even in town. I simply just don’t get it.

Dog owners, please reconsider your decision not to pick up after your dog and doing your part to keep Summit County beautiful. If you don’t you should be ashamed of yourself and, dare I say, would consider you not the good and responsible dog owner you probably think you are.

Rick Galgas


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