Summit County GOP chairman defends Fourth of July slogans (letter) |

Summit County GOP chairman defends Fourth of July slogans (letter)

A recent letter to the editor complaining about one of the most popular floats in this past weekend’s Breckenridge and Frisco Fourth of July parades refers to the 99%. By acclamation, 99% of the people in attendance at the parades gave their overwhelming vocal approval to the dozen pro-liberty banners on the Summit County Republican float.

We would like to comply with Donna Every and her fellow Saul Alinsky progressive central planners’ request for new slogans: “If You like Your Country, You Can Keep It — Vote Conservative 2016”, “Obama Lies — Freedom Dies,” “America is Exceptional and You Did Build It,” “Liberals Always Accuse You of What They are Guilty Of” and my personal favorite “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.”

If you want to view the list of “What We Believe In”, please abandon Miss Every’s dark liberal hatred and come into the light of conservative love at

Kim McGahey

Chairman, Summit County Republicans

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