Summit Daily letters: A Democrat rallies for Republican Woodman |

Summit Daily letters: A Democrat rallies for Republican Woodman

Crossing party lines to elect the best candidate for sheriff

Yes, I will admit it — proudly admit it. I am a Democrat. I will also admit since the age I was old enough to cast my first vote, I have pretty much voted the party line in every election, especially if I knew little/nothing about the candidates. The two exceptions: When John Minor first ran for Summit County sheriff, I voted for him because he was the best candidate for the job — and he was (is) a Republican. The second was this morning when I cast my mail-in ballot and voted for Republican candidate, Derek Woodman for Summit County Sheriff. Because he, too, is the best candidate for the job.

As a former deputy with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, longtime school resource officer for Summit School District and resident of Breckenridge since the 5th grade, I have worked with and for both of the candidates for sheriff for many years. I have seen how they operate, and I have witnessed first-hand their levels of commitment to their staff, our community, our local businesses and our schools. I also gained a real sense of their mission, vision and values when it comes to policing and serving our community and I will tell you, hands down, Derek Woodman is the most qualified candidate for the position, and the only candidate in line with what our community wants and needs in a sheriff.

Sometimes you hear candidates asking voters to “Give me a chance to prove to you,” or you are left hanging, wondering if you can take at face value the promises they are making to you during their campaign, or maybe you get hung-up on the Democrat vs. Republican thing as I did in my younger years.

If (when) we elect Derek Woodman to the position of sheriff, I can tell you, we all know what we are going to get, and nothing will be left open for interpretation. You will not have to take a “chance” on him to prove his worthiness to you, and you do not have to spend months or years down the road wondering if the sheriff’s office is protecting and serving you in the manner in which you expect and deserve.

For those of you who do not know Derek Woodman, here a few other things that are worthy of mentioning, that are further testaments to his qualifications, creativity, leadership and commitments to our community.

In his 35 years of dedicated service with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, he has helped expand the Summit County Search & Rescue Team and the Summit County Combined SWAT Team, and was instrumental in developing the SRO (School Resource Officer) program and the Special Operations Division of the office.

As a concerned parent, I would be remiss if I did not mention the importance of electing Derek Woodman as Sheriff for the safety of our children. As well as the SRO program, he has encouraged and assisted in developing and implementing the local D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program), the local TRAK IT (juvenile at-risk intervention and accountability program), the GOT SEATBELT? program, and the mobile DUI exhibit for our K-12 schools.

I know personally (specific instances) that the GOT SEATBELT? program and the mobile DUI exhibit have saved lives since their implementation (in and out of Summit County), and the SRO, D.A.R.E. and TRAK IT programs have provided crucial guidance, positive role models and vital education for our local youth.

Rebecca Johnson


Liddick’s Trump-sized blindspot

Morgan Liddick in his weekly hate Hillary rant was quick to tout Trump’s positives as our president and groper in chief. As he missed a few items Mr. Trump would bring to our highest office in the land I thought I would remind him.

He stiffed his architect out of $100,000 after writing a letter of glowing praise on his work. He stiffed a piano dealer out of $100,000, a painter of his Doral clubhouse out of $35,000. When the judge threatened to foreclose on the golf course Trump put $35,000 into escrow while he appealed the case. The painter is now suing for thousands in court costs. Remember those three young pre-teen girls he used in his Pensacola rally? They recently sued for non-payment; he even refused them the selling of their souvenirs at the rally.

Forget his sexual innuendos, his sexual assaults now totaling a dozen, with God knows how many still out there. Billionaire Mark Cuban alone says he knows a few that were assaulted. How he sexually described his daughter and his lust for her should suffice on the sexual front.

His business prowess, losing a billion in a year, bankrupting casinos — how does one do that with the odds in their favor? Reportedly he owes China $600 million and plays to the steel workers in Pennsylvania when he bought most of his steel from China.

Just trying to help you Mr. Liddick in your praise of this huckster, seeing as you missed so much. But then I guess we can say you occupy a large space in that bucket of deplorable persons that Mrs. Clinton so accurately described. Please work on your memory problems.

W. Gerald Bird Jr


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