Summit Daily letters: A message to undecided voters |

Summit Daily letters: A message to undecided voters

A message to undecided voters

As I go around the county to get out the vote, there is a lack of enthusiasm for the Presidential election based on undecided voters this late in the game.

This is what I want to say to voters who are undecided or have stated they are voting for Johnson or Stein because they find Hillary Clinton to be untrustworthy, a liar, unlikeable and a criminal. I have even read that some women will not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is too “scripted, too well prepared and does not comes across as being motherly and grandmotherly.”

Let’s start with something that we can agree on. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified, the most experienced and the most knowledgeable candidate ever to run for the President of the United States. When asked, what makes her untrustworthy and a liar, it comes down to her emails. Never mind that James B. Comey, FBI director, exonerated Hillary Clinton after being investigated for over a year. Nothing in the record shows she was forbidden from using a personal device and a personal email account. In fact, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Colin Powell each used personal email accounts on personal devices. Colin Powell advised Hillary Clinton about the benefits of using a personal email account. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton took part in deciding which emails were personal versus which were work-related before handing them over to the State Department. Nor is there evidence that she erased emails from her personal server. With all the email hacking that is happening, Hillary Clinton’s server was never hacked. The FBI director tried to pin retroactively-marked classified material and three improperly-marked emails to try and show how “extremely careless” Hillary Clinton was in handling classified material.

Now let’s consider what happened to the emails, personal or otherwise, during the Bush Administration. The emails that belonged to and should have been preserved by the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Vice President Dick Cheney and President Bush, were all shredded upon leaving office. There was a firestorm when it was discovered that those emails no longer existed. That lasted for about a week and then it became old news.

When I ask, what makes Hillary Clinton a criminal, the Clinton Foundation comes up. The investigation of the Clinton Foundation shows no evidence that the Clintons benefitted from the charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, the Clinton Foundation has received the highest rating from an independent charitable watch dog for benefitting people in various parts of the world. In comparison, the Trump Foundation made a political contribution and paid for a fundraiser in one of the Trump towers for Florida State District Attorney Pam Bondi. Ms. Bondi had been in the process of investigating the Trump University bankruptcy before deciding to drop the case after the political contribution. This is just one of the illegal use of funds by the Trump Foundation which is under investigation.

Now, as for Hillary Clinton being unlikeable, I do not know what she has done to not be liked other than being an uppity woman thinking she can be President of the United States. And who has ever criticized a male candidate for not being fatherly and grandfatherly.

So, undecided voters, if you are to be honest, you can’t ignore all the disqualifying Trump flaws. They have been in our face for over a year. I am not going to tell you how to vote. I do ask that you think about the consequences of your vote, because your vote is your future.

Corina Aragon


Parking and politics in Breck

This is in response to Dick Carleton’s letter chastising me for being uninformed and “calling out personally” the mayor and assistant town manager over their quotes in the newspaper concerning paid parking coming to Breck. I was responding to their quotes and the information they were giving in a public forum, as public figures, and nowhere was I disrespectful or personally attacking them. More than half your response was defending them and that’s fine. I also truly appreciate the sacrifices and commitment small town elected officials make. However I still believe it is a right, at least for now, to question and spur discussion about policies that one may not agree with. And again the issue and what I don’t agree with is the added burden paid parking will inflict on local residents and employees who spend money year round in Breckenridge and the fact that there is no plan for all the added revenue (about $3.5 million still sounds right to me). By not mentioning that at all, I guess you may be wondering too.

Finally, as to being uninformed, I do agree with you, our town’s website has a wealth of information concerning all things town related. Yes, there were discussions in town meetings about paid parking going back up to three years ago, and based on minutes and newspaper articles, most opposed it from the beginning. The town employee survey is also there with 71 percent opposing metered parking and about the same opposed to paying more for leased spaces. So thanks for encouraging me to be a little more well informed, although it only confirmed what I already knew — the majority of residents oppose paid parking as the answer to our towns traffic woes. But alas, as so often happens, the will of the few overrules the majority.

Rick Galgas


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