Summit Daily letters: Common courtesy needed on Summit recpath |

Summit Daily letters: Common courtesy needed on Summit recpath

Every time I ride the recreation path in Summit County — whether it’s Frisco to Copper, or to Breckenridge, or to Silverthorne, or to Keystone — I find myself thinking about the letter I need to write to the local paper. Today a miracle has occurred and I am actually writing it! The county is very busy; everyone up here knows that. The paths are crowded with all sorts of users; there are walkers, runners, experienced bicyclists and not-so-experienced cyclists. Can’t every user please be a little considerate? If you are a biker, PLEASE announce that you are passing; this is not difficult. You can say “Passing” or “On your left.” It is a courtesy to the person in front of you. If you are walking, please keep single file or at most two abreast. If you have your family on the path, please try to keep your children on the proper side of the path. Also, bicyclists, it is a recreational path, not a racing path, so if you see a collection of people in front of you, slow down for Pete’s sake. And to everyone, please be happy about being up here. It is so darn pretty everywhere; I can hardly believe how unfriendly a lot of users are. You can say hi or smile. It’s just a nice thing to do.

Now here are my comments for the county or the town leaders — how about some signs on the path to help the experienced users and the new users? Some people are unsure of which side to walk on and I know some riders need to be reminded to announce that they are passing. Please invest in some signs.

Phyllis Ohlemacher


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