Summit Daily letters: Common courtesy on the Summit County recpath |

Summit Daily letters: Common courtesy on the Summit County recpath

A reminder on trail etiquette

I am a visitor to Summit County, a bicycler, swimmer and walker. We come here in July every year to take refuge in this beautiful area from the stifling heat in Texas.

My husband and I ride a tandem bike, mostly on the path around Lake Dillon.

We have noticed frequent safety violations by both bicyclers and pedestrians. We assume most of these people are visitors, as we are, and may not be aware of the safety concerns while using the trails and pathways.

Walkers should realize that a bicycle coming down the trail on a steep incline can’t come to a quick stop. So it is dangerous to wander, gazing at a cell phone in the middle of the trail. If you are wearing ear buds, you may not hear or see an approaching bicycle.

The universal rule of etiquette on the trails, for all users — walkers, runners, skaters, bicyclers, skiers, etc. — is to stay to the right and give an audible warning when overtaking others, and to pass on the left of those going the same direction. Everyone using the trail should assume there may be others also using the pathway and stay the to the right.

Parents biking with their children should inform the kids of the safety rules and make sure everyone understands how to stay safely to the right on the path and not to veer to the left when someone is overtaking them on the path.

We usually call out “Biker on your left,” as we approach a walker or are overtaking another bicycler. Often, if there is more than one walker or jogger ahead of us they will split to opposite sides of the trail, then change places while we are frantically trying to avoid hitting these multiple moving targets.

A few days ago, we encountered several women strolling and chatting across the entire path. Three of the women, startled by our approach, jumped first one way then the other, then finally got to one side, while the young woman who was wearing ear buds and focused on her cell phone remained cluelessly in the middle of the path as we shouted louder and louder for her to cede us one side of the path or the other.

Also, if you are walking your dog on a leash, it is not helpful for you to step to the right and your dog to the left as we are trying to pass.

For those (many) bikers who are faster than we are, please give us an audible warning before overtaking us. We are happy to move to the right and allow you to pass. If we don’t know you are back there we are apt to swerve into your path.

For those who do give an audible warning as they approach, thank you!

Anne Isham

Austin, Texas

Trump’s Putin admiration is no joke

Donald Trump’s complacency in Vladimir Putin’s intention to recreate the Soviet Union is frightening.

Trump, the draft dodging, wannabe commander-in-chief, is obviously ignorant that the Green Berets’, in which I served, first mission was to assist in liberation Western Europe overrun by the Soviets after WWII. The Green Berets’ motto is “De Oppresso Liber,” which is translated from Latin as “To Free the Oppressed.” While stationed with Special Forces in Bad Tolz, Germany, KGB head Vladimir Putin attempted to infiltrate our outfit.

Even though Trump has no empathy for the oppressed, it is extremely dangerous to allow Russia to recreate the Soviet Union controlling the European economy with unequaled military strength.

Trump does not seem to understand that NATO is not a favor we are doing for European pals. A peaceful Europe and a constrained Russia are in America’s interests. As the last century showed, the U.S. tends to be drawn into Europe’s conflagrations; the best solution is to stop them catching alight in the first place. The primarily American military umbrella that has kept Europe more or less calm since the end of World War II has saved, and continues to save, not just European lives, but also American ones.

During the Cold War, somehow, against all odds, hostilities were kept under control and we avoided a world war. When the Soviet Union fell, a lot of us probably thought we’d made it, we’d won and there was no more threat. Who could have predicted then that a future candidate for President of the United States might suggest a policy that would allow the Soviet Union to reunite?

No wonder Putin is one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

Thomas M. Gallen


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