Summit Daily letters: Family & Intercultural Resource Center endorses 3A, 3B and 5A |

Summit Daily letters: Family & Intercultural Resource Center endorses 3A, 3B and 5A

Family & Intercultural Resource Center endorses 3A, 3B and 5A

The Family & Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC) Board of Directors is endorsing the 3A, 3B and 5A initiatives in this election. We believe having strong schools and attainable housing are fundamental to the success of our community. Most of our clients are affected by the current housing crisis and are paying at least 50 percent of their income on their rents or mortgage or unable to find housing at all. A recent study reported that we need to build 1,600 units in order to alleviate this crisis and 5A is the only path to keeping families living, working and playing in our community.

Stable housing and a strong education are two of the most impactful ways to give children the best start to life. Summit School District has seen great academic success over the last few years, but as the schools become overcrowded it will become more difficult for children to learn. 3A and 3B will address our growing student population and improve the technology students need for today’s educational opportunities.

We are a small community with the ability to make an impact. This is our chance to solve these problems as a community, which is why we are encouraging voters to say yes to 3A, 3B and 5A.

Board of Directors

Family and Intercultural Resource Center

Open meetings violation raises questions

I’m writing this letter in response to your recent article covering the dismissal of Jennifer Kermode by the Summit County Housing Authority. I find it troubling that the county manager alludes to the executive session as an accidental oversight. Having in the past served 12 years on the local town board and attending numerous board executive sessions, I don’t think there could be an accidental oversight as stated, as one of the many lessons taught to elected officials is the state statute regarding executive sessions. As stated the committee consists of two town managers, a sitting town mayor, three sitting town council members and county officials. I would feel that one of the members would not suffer from an accidental oversight as stated; this appears to be more of a political decision. There is an old saying that if you see something and it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is most likely a duck. In the article, the county manager alludes that Ms. Kermode’s purpose may be political to affect the ballot issue concerning the purposed employee housing issue. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as her passion has been and is still to have affordable housing in Summit County. I have known Ms. Kermode for years and have worked with her in the past and she is one of the most loyal employees the county has ever known, and to have her character questioned publicly could open the door for some liability both for the county and the manager. Once the elections are over and a new or existing team of commissioners are elected an overview of the matters dealing with these problems should be held and see that politics does not interfere in the management in Summit County again, as this is not the way this county has been managed over the years and a stop should happen now.

Mike Smith


Elect Derek Woodman as sheriff

I would like to thank Derek Woodman and his lovely wife Tina for always being there for me. We have known Tina and Derek for many years but never knew what wonderful, loyal, kind, loving, honest and trustworthy friends they really were till we put all our friends to the test last year. I hit a very rough spell last year and Tina and Derek were there for us, to support us daily through the whole ordeal. They were amazing and did not leave us when times got tough. Their true friendship revealed itself through their constant support. I could not have done it without them. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for me when many of our other friends were not there for us during this time. This is the kind of people I want around me and to count on. This is the only Sheriff I want for Summit County who I can trust during difficult times. Derek Woodman is the only one I will trust to run for Sheriff and that I will vote for. Thanks so much for all you have done for me and my family.

Andrea Bishop


Support Jaime FitzSimons for sheriff

With the election rapidly approaching, American citizens are faced with candidates the likes of whom have never been seen in history. Although the nation is facing what could be turbulent times, Summit County residents can rest assured when it comes the matter of electing a new sheriff. For those who might be undecided, or who are strictly voting party lines, I hope this recommendation helps you to make the best decision.

I had the distinct privilege of working not only in Summit County in law enforcement for the past five years, but also to work for both candidates. My career in law enforcement started in 2011 at Silverthorne, where I had the pleasure of being on the SWAT Team under the command of Jaime FitzSimons. During the four years on SWAT, I was able to get to know Jaime on both a professional and personal level. After three fantastic years at Silverthorne, I moved to the sheriff’s office where I was able to further my relationship with Jaime.

From the beginning, I learned Jaime was the type of person who genuinely cared about those under his command. Jaime fought vigorously in support of the SWAT Team when many others were uncertain as to its future. At one point there was talk of the SWAT Team being disbanded. However, due to the dedication and passion Jaime has for his community and organization, he was able keep the SWAT Team alive. Jaime has never let anything sway this dedication and passion. Even when presented with difficult decisions, I have known him to put his personal opinions aside and consistently make the absolute best choice for the community. Jaime’s integrity and the highest standard he holds for those under his command are unmatched.

In summation, if I had to describe Jaime’s character, I would say he is passionate, honorable, dedicated, driven and will settle for nothing but the best for the community. I am confident in saying to those who have any doubt, or who just are undecided, that Jaime is more than qualified and will live up to any and all expectations. Unequivocally, I have come to learn Jaime puts the community first, and he will always keep the citizens’ best interest at the forefront of his decision making. Regardless of your party affiliation, Jaime is what’s best for the future of Summit County.

Josh Mazone


Proposition 106: Choice and compassion

We hold valuable the worth and dignity of individuals who should be able to make their own choice at the end of life. As Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu recently so eloquently verbalized: “I very firmly believe that terminally ill people should have the right to choose the manner and timing of their death and that their choices should be respected.”

Oregon and Washington have had 20 years of exclusively positive experience with laws similar to Proposition 106.

As health professionals and care givers who have been personally involved with difficult end-of-life situations, we feel it is paramount to give patients end-of-life options in order for them to die with dignity. Moreover, these options would provide peace of mind to such patients, their friends and families.

We urge Colorado voters to have the courage and compassion to give competent, terminally ill patients end-of-life options and vote Yes for Proposition 106.

Helen Barker, caregiver

Mary Gutmann, PhD (clinical psychology)

Frank Gutmann, MD MPH

Don Parsons, MD

Madden for CU board of regents

Alice Madden is the obvious choice for the statewide seat on the University of Colorado Board of Regents (At-Large CU Regent). Alice is a thoughtful, get-it-done leader who would bring much needed vision and vitality to the Board of Regents. Although perhaps seeming like an unimportant race compared to the others in the media spotlight, CU leadership matters to our entire state. CU employs over 30,000 people across its four campuses, educates over 65,000 students per year and annually pumps $7 billion into the Colorado economy.

A CU alum who lives in Louisville, Alice has worked in high-tech and as an attorney, and she served in the State House of Representatives for eight years, four as Majority Leader. She built a reputation as a problem solver who can work across the aisle; that is why she has the bipartisan support of several Republicans with whom she served — including the former Minority Leader.

As Regent, Alice wants to end this trend of backbreaking student loan debt. Alice will fight for much-needed dollars (Colorado is ranked 48th in state funding of higher ed). Alice supports the bipartisan effort to free up about $350 million for critical state needs, including education, without raising taxes. Her opponent opposes this effort. Alice will ensure CU is run as efficiently as possible, examining expenditures more thoroughly. Increased diversity in the student body and faculty is a high priority, paired with improving graduation rates.

I urge you to vote for Alice. As an incredibly talented woman who is passionate about education, she will work hard to improve CU and ensure higher education is an affordable option for all. Follow her campaign on Facebook and check out to learn more.

Felice Huntley


Schutt for House District 61

There are many very good reasons to support Bob Schutt for Colorado House District 61. In addition to being a physician who had oversight of a level 1 trauma center, Bob was a tenured medical professor giving him experience with administration, budgets, teaching and, retention and recruitment of faculty. Those organizational and management skills will serve us well in Denver!

He’s a US Air Force Academy graduate who would bring integrity, character and leadership to the State House and he’s also a decorated Viet Nam combat fighter pilot who went on to serve as a combat surgeon in Desert Storm. As an Orthopaedic surgeon trained at the University of Colorado Medical Center, he will be the only physician in the House of Representatives. He is the perfect person to guide Colorado health care policy during this difficult time and also be there to speak on behalf of our veterans. These are two of his major focus areas.

And, because he is an avid hiker, mountain and road biker and, cross country and alpine skier, he will represent our precious environment and work to protect our land, air and water.

Bob and his wife of 45 years have stepped up to this very important task of running for House District 61 and are committed to the difficult work that lies ahead. Bob’s desire is to continue to serve the people of Colorado and we would be foolish not to support him so he can head to Denver to make a difference in our government. One last attribute to mention is his clarity about our state budget. He only wants to spend the money we have and believes it is very possible to make it work for us without raising taxes or taking it from education and transportation in order to balance the budget!

Please join me in voting Bob Schutt for House District 61 and sending him to Denver to work on our behalf!

Jane Chaney

Crested Butte

Trump critic’s hypocrisy is showing

In response to the letter “What do Federal income taxes pay for?” I just had to respond to Ms. Moskal’s criticism of Donald Trump.

It is incredulous that she makes the statement that she “find(s) for a person, supposedly worth billions, to pay no income taxes…” This statement smacks of hypocrisy and defective analysis. In doing so, she perfectly demonstrates a lack of logic that will have to return to the “public square” if this country is ever to have a meaningful discussion about the merits of political issues and policy.

I couldn’t help but note that Ms. Moskal lists her address as being in Denver and Breckenridge. As such, I think it fair to assume that she has homes in both these locations, that these dwellings likely have significant worth (most people who live in Breckenridge would probably not have low-income housing in Denver), and likely one or both of her homes has a mortgage. If that is the case, then she likely takes a deduction of her home mortgage interest on her primary residence, and also takes an interest deduction on her “second home.” If that is the case, why is she criticizing Trump for taking advantage of the tax code for deductions and carryovers on his investment losses while she fails to exercise similar criticism on her own like-kind behavior. Maybe she should consider that she, too, lives the “high life” compared to the average citizen and if she is to criticize someone for what she deems “outrageous behavior,” she should first consider her own behavior in that regard.

Lastly, if one is unhappy with the tax code, then elect representatives to change it. It is not the taxpayer’s fault when he/she avails themselves of its benefits, being it Trump, Ms. Moskal, you or me.

Jeffrey Dorman


Support Trump for President

Colorado has always been a state with common sense and basic real American values. Recently, though, things have changed. I don’t know if that is caused by the migration of California residents to this state or other issues. But, it is disappointing to see this happen. We are facing an election that is probably the most important one of our lives. We are to choose between two candidates who are very different. Trump wants to protect the Constitution and appoint Supreme Court judges who will do that. He wants to reduce our taxes. (Reagan did the same thing and the economy improved greatly.) He wants to control this country’s borders. He has experience in job creation. He wants to help the military and the veterans. Hillary, on the other hand, wants to increase taxes. She wants open borders to let anyone in. She wants a liberal Supreme Court to override or reinterpret the Constitution. She wants a bigger Federal government to control more of what we do. She makes poor or no decisions, as shown with Benghazi, where four Americans were killed. Then she lied about the attack to family members of those killed. She wants open borders to make sure that the Democrats have a lower class of immigrants that are dependent on the Governments and provide the votes that she wants. It has been recently shown that she and her supporters conducted the riots at Trump campaigns and set up voter fraud plans. Add that to the e-mail issues and you get some pretty bad stuff. So why are some people indicating that they are going to vote for her? Who knows? But one thing is for sure. A vote for her is not going to help this country. Some say that they do not like Trump. That is understandable, but that is not a reason to vote the country down the drain. European countries seem to be the model that Hillary wants. Look at them. Greece has gone bankrupt, as has Brazil. Islamic attacks have been common, and the European Union is not doing well. Those of you who want Hillary, ask your self why you feel that way. My guess is that you do not watch the news or if you do , you watch CNN. Get off the phone and really see what is going on. In closing I am going to leave you with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. “We the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

James Cowles


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