Summit Daily letters: Former DA Mark Hulbert endorses Bruce Carey |

Summit Daily letters: Former DA Mark Hulbert endorses Bruce Carey

Former DA Hulbert endorses Bruce Carey

The District Attorney’s Office in Eagle, Summit, Lake and Clear Creek counties is a disaster and it has caused public safety to suffer. That is why I am endorsing Bruce Carey for district attorney. As your district attorney for a decade, I am uniquely qualified to know what it takes to keep our community safe. Although the current district attorney’s four years have been so scandal plagued it calls into question his honesty and ethics, the main goal of the district attorney is public safety. The question that every citizen needs to ask is whether the current district attorney’s office provides for public safety. In this case, the answer is a resounding no. Currently, the office has a constant revolving door of lawyers and staff. The lawyers are untrained and are given no guidance. And when these new and untrained lawyers are in court against more experienced defense counsel, then the guilty go free, victims are hurt and our safety is put in serious jeopardy. A lack of training and guidance is a lack of leadership at the top. Bruce Carey will not only show the leadership to put an end to the revolving door but also provide the training and guidance needed. The current district attorney’s office also lacks the courage to take the tough case to trial. They will put out a press release when charges are filed and then give a sweetheart deal. There is a little girl in Summit County who will carry physical and emotional scars for the rest of her life because the current DA’s office lacked the courage to take her case to trial. They pled her rapist down to virtually nothing and let him get out of jail where he then went directly to the little girl’s house and he stabbed her. Bruce Carey will show the courage to take the tough cases to trial. He has promised to have his own caseload, taking the good cases as well as the bad. The current district attorney also lacks the courage to take responsibility when he makes a mistake. In the case with the little girl from Summit, in a TV interview he blamed the judge. In the Denver Post, when confronted about taking too many vacation days and leaving his office rudderless, he again lashed out, blaming others. Bruce Carey has already shown the courage needed to admit wrong and accept responsibility. When confronted about a mistake from 20 years ago, he didn’t blame others, he took responsibility and told us the lessons he learned. Bruce Carey has the courage we need from our DA. Bruce Carey is the person who can make public safety a priority in the district attorney’s office and that is why I am endorsing him for district attorney.

Mark Hurlbert


Commissioner endorsements of Davidson and Stiegelmeier

We strongly recommend the re-election of Thomas Davidson and Karn Stiegelmeier to the Summit County Board of Commissioners. This is a board and a county that actually move ahead and gets things done for all of our citizens and for the future. In our 24 years as residents of Summit County, we have seen how Summit County has addressed critical issues facing the county. The current board has been especially progressive addressing all Summit County needs including early childhood education, family support, housing, health care and education. In large measure, this is a result of the board with its current members working very well together and with other organizations to make things happen. In the age of dysfunctional government in our country, Thomas, Karn and Dan Gibbs put the people of Summit County, and especially their children, first.

In concerns large and small, Thomas and the other commissioners listen to the problems brought to them and identify solutions which are in the best interest of all of our county, even if it is just cracks in the road. We have become friends because they are involved and collaborative in such important organizations for the county such as FIRC, ECO, CMC, Community Care Clinic and our new south branch library with the Breckenridge Grand Vacation Community Center. There is still much more work to be done. For the future of Summit County, please re-elect Davidson and Stiegelmeier as Summit Countycommissioners to continue the progress that they have started.

Linda and Dick Bateman


Education foundation endorses 3A & 3B

The Education Foundation of the Summit urges you to vote YES on 3A & 3B to ensure strong schools and a strong community. The funds raised by these two ballot initiatives will be an investment in the future of our children and our community. Needed classrooms and cafeteria space will be added to the middle and high school to accommodate the growing student populations in both schools. Critical repairs and maintenance are needed for leaking roofs and aging heating, electrical and plumbing systems. Each building needs security upgrades to keep our children safe. And finally, and perhaps most important, 3A & 3B will give students access to the tools and instructional technology they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce. These students are our future business owners, teachers, doctors, engineers, police and community leaders. Let’s support them and keep our schools and community strong by voting YES on 3A & 3B.

Brad Piehl


Education Foundation of the Summit

A Summit County Republican for Schutt

For too many years, our Colorado District 61 State Representative, Millie Hamner, has been looking us in the eye and telling us what we want to hear, but not necessarily the truth. It’s time for glad-hand, big spenders like her to go.

Her hollow mantra has been that all the spending bills she has voted for are in the best interest of Colorado children. But all she has done for our children and grandchildren is give them a near bankrupt state. Colorado is a pretty place, but because of her reckless spending, Colorado is pretty screwed up for our future generations.

And her support for Amendment 69 on the ballot this election will be the final nail in the Colorado fiscal-solvency coffin. [Editor’s note: Hamner has publicly stated that she does not support Amendment 69.]

It’s time for her shallow insincerity to go and a better way to take her place: Dr. Bob Schutt is the right person at the right time to represent District 61 in the state legislature. No more lip-service, just the facts: and with him in office, voters and his colleagues in the legislature will soon realize that District 61 is served by the smartest guy in the room.

If health care for all Colorado citizens is our most critical issue, Dr. Bob Schutt’s seasoned intellect, broad healthcare experience and long-time on-the-job expertise as a practicing physician and Army surgeon, distinctly qualify him to be making the crucial philosophical and resulting budgetary decisions that will provide affordable health care to all District 61 and Colorado citizens in the most fiscally responsible manner possible without bankrupting our children and grandchildren.

We desperately need Dr. Bob Schutt with his extensive knowledge, leadership integrity and his life-long willingness to serve all the people in order to dig our way out of the careless indebtedness that has been the hallmark of Millie Hamner’s term. We badly need honest, common sense decision makers like him who can apply steady intellect in order to implement fiscally responsible legislation that is truly in the best interest of all the people in District 61 and across Colorado.

Dr. Bob Schutt is a physician, a surgeon, a pilot, a 45-years-married man, a grandfather and a guy with a heart for service and a brain equal to the big, tough decisions that the Colorado legislature must make this year. District 61 deserves a better way and Dr. Bob Schutt will lead us there.

Please vote for Dr. Bob Schutt this election because Schutt happens!

Kim McGahey

Chairman, Summit Republican Party

Best person for sheriff

The Summit County County Commissioners have been accused of making a decision based on partisan party politics when they appointed Jaime FitzSimons to be Sheriff. The current group of commissioners have had occasion to make three appointments to fill vacancies of elected offices: County Clerk, Coroner and Sheriff. Two of those three appointees have been Republicans. Is it possible that they simply chose the best person for the job of sheriff?

Pamela Bradley


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