Summit Daily letters: Honor our men and women in blue |

Summit Daily letters: Honor our men and women in blue

Our family in blue

Along with the well-publicized tragic deaths of police officers in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there have also been numerous threats made against officers in the past weeks — some national and some closer to home. While I am a firm believer and advocate in the First Amendment, I do not appreciate hateful rhetoric of any sort aimed at any group of people.

As a member of the law-enforcement family here in Summit County, these actions and words both deeply frighten and sadden me. There are bad people who make bad decisions across all sectors of society, but to threaten to execute my family is quite disturbing. These men and women are our husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. They are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers and, like all humans, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

While I fully support my law-enforcement family, I know I could not do their job. They are willing, every day, to risk their comfort and safety to maintain our freedoms at home. They don a bullet proof vest and 30-pound duty belt, kiss their loved ones goodbye and go out to maintain the line between civilization and chaos. They do not know who is in the car they are approaching or if a call for help is genuine. They do not know if the stranded motorist is lying in wait for them or if the bar fight they are called to will have more than fists flying. They work days and nights, holidays and overtime, and I, for one, appreciate every effort. I wouldn’t leave my warm bed for a traffic accident 50 miles away or put myself between two drunks to maintain the peace of our town — much less deal with the tragic and sometimes gruesome aftermath of a fatal car crash or domestic situation.

Just to provide a bit of personal insight: My father recently did a ride-along with a State Trooper, and, when the officer stopped a car pulling a trailer, the trooper advised my dad to be vigilant because they couldn’t see the occupants of the vehicle. While this was routine for the trooper, it certainly rattled my dad, and he realized how exposed officers truly are in their day-to-day job. Just as our military does abroad, our brothers and sisters here at home risk their lives every day to preserve what all Americans hold dearest to our hearts — our freedom.

I implore all of you to consider a day in their boots. They don’t do it for the glory or the money; they do it because they want to protect the innocent by apprehending the wolves among the lambs. I know I wouldn’t do it, so I am thankful to every member of our military and armed forces here at home for the risk they take each day to serve and protect us.

Michele Chapdelaine


Breckenridge Ski Resort head addresses transit issues

As many of you are enjoying another beautiful summer in Breck, you are likely seeing and hearing more about parking and congestion in Breckenridge again — a topic that is of high priority for us at the ski area.

You may have read an op-ed in the Summit Daily News from me on the subject, received a similar mailer from Breckenridge Ski Resort or answered a survey our company conducted. With parking a large part of public conversation again, I want to share what I have been hearing in the community.

In the conversations my team and I are having in the Breckenridge community, we are hearing people still want parking solved now. The town’s own Parking and Transit Task Force recommended to council that the town “begin the design and development process on in-town core parking in 2016,” and letters to the local paper, including one from the Village at Breckenridge HOA, highlight the expectation in this community that town council will keep their promises to begin work on town core parking immediately.

We are now approaching the end of July. It has been over a year since town council told us and the community that they were done with their studies and have the answers to move immediately on solving the town’s parking problems. Time is slipping away, and the council has still not taken any formal action or moved on any specific plans.

Our motivation here is simple and straightforward: Breckenridge Ski Resort will continue to be a voice for the majority of this community that wants to see its town fulfill the promises made a year ago and begin work immediately on a downtown parking structure. We are encouraged by recent public comments made by the town council but also remain very concerned about the lack of concrete action to plan for parking now in order to see a structure come out of the ground in 2017.

We look forward to seeing swift action from the town council that aligns with the priorities they committed to a year ago and the priorities that this community still supports.

John Buhler

VP and COO, Breckenridge Ski Resort

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