Summit Daily letters: In support of Derek Woodman for sheriff |

Summit Daily letters: In support of Derek Woodman for sheriff

In support of Derek Woodman

I would respectfully urge the eligible voters of Summit County to pause for a moment in this busy election process to carefully consider the candidates for the office of sheriff.

Having lived in Summit County for some forty years, I have appreciated the quality and integrity of law enforcement in our communities, on our roads and highways, as well as unincorporated and outlying areas. I recall the first time I was pulled over by a state trooper in the then-distinctive white cars with two red “cherry” lights on top. He had just arrived in Summit County as had I and he just wanted to say hello. We had gone to high school together and his grandfather had been the sheriff in Grand County many years ago now so he had long-standing law enforcement ties in the state patrol as did his father and brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with each of the last three individuals holding the highest law enforcement office in Summit County and have nothing but respect and admiration for each man. I have changed party affiliation in one instance to participate in the primary process and have voted across party lines in nine elections that I can recall. On a side note, I had the beneficial opportunity to serve on the Incident Management Team for nearly ten years, or so, thus meeting and working with law enforcement from each of the towns, EMS and Fire representatives, the LEOs from the USFS, Colorado State Patrol and in some instances the FBI.

Summit County has an interesting and often dynamic set of factors to contend with from a law enforcement perspective. The challenges are becoming increasingly challenging and call for a unique individual in the role of sheriff.

I appreciate Derek Woodman’s service in law enforcement, experience with the SCSO, his quiet disposition, ability to listen intently, to act decisively when called upon, his integrity, leadership and the list goes on. I urge each voter to consider carefully each candidate and to join me in voting for Derek Woodman.

Chuck Tolton


A unique choice on Amendment 69

Well folks, if Amendment 69 fails we may not have another chance anytime soon to provide quality health care for all of our fellow Coloradans. I know we have been fed a great deal of misinformation about this amendment, such as the myth that Colorado citizens will be experiencing a 10-percent tax increase when the residents will only have a 3.33-percent tax hike. However, the fact is, we all end up paying much more than that when our uninsured need to go to an emergency room for treatment or to rely on taxpayer funded Medicaid. Either of these will be totally unnecessary if Amendment 69 passes.

I know change is difficult for many. But the opponents of 69, still have not presented any alternative to the mess of a system with which we are currently burdened. If Amendment 69 fails I wonder if, in the future, anyone will go to the trouble of creating a viable alternative to solving this huge healthcare problem and, besides, subjecting themselves to the carping by those who have no ideas of their own.

If 69 fails, the only winners will be the six giant for-profit insurance companies.

Stace Tackaberry


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