Summit Daily letters: Partisan politics not helpful on local level |

Summit Daily letters: Partisan politics not helpful on local level

Partisan politics not helpful on local level

My enjoyment of the 4th of July parade was diminished by a group of my friends and acquaintances who found it entertaining to “boo” the Democrat’s float as it passed by.

While I seldom agree with the political views of many of my friends, I don’t feel it necessary to make a loud, public display of my views. The 4th of July parade is intended to celebrate our country and the amazing lifestyle that we locals enjoy. The guests who provide us with the jobs that allow us to live here expect to enjoy this amazing environment without being subjected to the political bickering that everyday life in the big city surrounds them with.

Partisanship has little to do with the governmental decisions that we live with up here — let’s appreciate this and just try to get along!

On a related note, there is rumor being floated by many locals that our county commissioners cast their votes in the recent decision to fill a vacancy in the Sheriff’s Office based solely on partisan politics. As I recall, the commissioners, when asked by this paper, were quite clear in explaining their take on the qualifications of both candidates and voted based on these views. I would hope that those of us who vote in local elections this fall base our votes on the policy viewpoints and qualification for office that are brought to light during the campaign rather than what political party a candidate belongs to.

I’ve lived in Summit County for a long time and have always enjoyed the idea that local politics seems to have very little to do with party affiliation. Rather, it seems to me, our elected officials make decisions with only the best interests of our citizens in mind. I hope that continues because, if we want partisan politics to dominate our life, the big city is just an hour away!

Jim Braun

Summit Cove

Breckenridge needs a parking garage

Let me be sure I have this straight: The female writer of a letter in the June 27 Summit Daily does not want to see a parking garage built in Breck — instead urging that people avoid driving cars. She does not, however, indicate how they would carry their skis, ski boots, poles, luggage, etc. on bicycles, for example. And this person is only a part-time resident!

Seems to me she made a couple of mistakes when acquiring a domicile in Breck; she did not research the local transportation opportunities when choosing a location to reside, and, more importantly, she did not learn that the financial well-being of every person, business, department of Breckenridge government and the entire ski resort is totally dependent on the folks who arrive in those cars, in both winters and summers.

Ernie Harris


Former full-time resident of Breckenridge for 15 years

Firefighters helping above and beyond

Not only do they put out fires, they help prevent them. I recently had to install a new carbon-monoxide monitor. In the process of figuring out which alarm was chirping, I discovered that my smoke detector was also way out-dated. In case you haven’t heard, there is a new device, which handles both of those problems. So, of course, I bought that new monitor and was assured by the sales person that I could install it myself.

Not so!

I needed help, and somebody suggested the fire department. I went to Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue in Frisco, and, sure enough, they would do it. Two days later, a fire truck with four firemen arrived at my home. They were extremely courteous, kind and helpful. Within minutes, they had installed my new unit, fixed an old one and explained how they all worked to me.

I am so grateful and proud to know that this is our Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue!

Becky Hopkins


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