Summit Daily letters: Recycling a right |

Summit Daily letters: Recycling a right

Recycling as a right

Recycling should not be a luxury but a right. I have always believed it is our government’s responsibility to manage solid waste. Trash is solid waste. Carol Rockne said many true things, like it is the right thing to do. However I disagree with her statement that locals don’t create trash, only tourists. Everyone creates waste. Trash companies get paid to do the “service” of collecting trash and are not responsible for creating policies unless it helps their bottom line. Understandable that they would want to protect that. Summit County runs the landfill, or SCRAP which is a great facility, so they should figure out how to make the numbers work, and still do the right thing about protecting our way of life which includes keeping recyclable material out of the landfill. The real enemy is all the packaging. We as consumers should voice our concerns to companies by not buying products that are not packaged in easy-to-recycle materials. Then recycling would be able to complete the circle much easier and cheaper. Companies would be motivated to create packaging using recycled material. Summit County and all its towns are wealthy enough to be an example and innovator of sustainable policy. And since we are visited by people from around the country and world, we have a chance to show how much we care about the environment and preserving our way of life. We should not have to rely on donations and local philanthropists to take care of this. Make the policy and everyone will follow. Think long term and the money will not be an issue.

Rosemary Wentzell


Founder and former president Summit Recycling Project

Cold and the Electoral College

It is 40 degrees Fahrenheit here in Silverthorne as I head into work. Before 8 a.m. And while I realize there are many of you who like warm weather, I’d like to remind people that December is typically one of our coldest months of the year, and of the importance of cold weather. Yes, we need freezing temperatures for the kind of snow that most of us like to ski in. We need freezing temperatures to freeze the ponds and lakes we like to skate and ice fish upon. And most importantly, we need sustained periods of freezing temperatures to kill off the insect larva that decimate our forests. Some of you voted to elect a president that is amassing the most anti-environment, pro-fossil fuel, pro-corporate and anti-science cabinet ever. EVER. And while many of you here in Summit County did not vote for this man, we all have one last chance to encourage our electoral college to NOT vote in this lying, amoral and, as the Scots say, hamster-faced cockwomble. Electoral College members have the basic obligation to preserve the country and the Constitution, both of which the president-elect is putting at great risk. The Electoral College casts their vote next Monday, on Dec. 19. That doesn’t give us much time. But today you can go to and email your thoughts. It’s too late to actually write to these folks, but not too late to take any action at all. And if the Electoral College does officially elect that contemptible imbecile, stay angry. Remind your congressmen to represent your interests, and the interests that protect your environment and the safety of the people who inhabit it. Find your cause and take action.

Tanya Kanning


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