Summit Daily letters: Summit County moms reach out to a community of kids |

Summit Daily letters: Summit County moms reach out to a community of kids

Summit mobilizes around mental health

Re: The article on The Survivor Day Event this past Saturday Nov. 19.

As a nurse and former EMT working in Summit County for the past 20 years, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to respond to many calls involving suicide as the final outcome. It is truly heart wrenching to respond to these incidences and they are too frequent in our community. I have just recently become involved with the Building Hope initiative and volunteered at the Survivor Day event. We are very fortunate in this county to have compassionate, driven professionals that want to see the numbers of suicides decrease each year rather than increase. There are great resources available in our community and weekly events coming up within this next month to encourage engagement and interaction with others during the holidays. My hope is that people suffering from depression or any mental illness can start to feel safe talking about their thoughts and feelings and reach out to someone in the community for support. Holidays can be a stressful time for many, doing what we can to support and care for everyone in our community and offering assistance to someone in need is the best gift I can imagine giving. Thanks to all the people I have met this past month involved in so many great organizations, I think we in Summit are on the right track!

Nancy L. Price


A community committed to recycling

We visit Breckenridge for a couple of weeks each summer. We come to visit friends but also to enjoy the natural beauty and protected open spaces of the area. It is one of the few places in the United States where we can find a pristine, protected environment.

When we visit we usually rent a home. We both believe that too much waste ends up in landfills, so while we are there we have collected our recyclable materials and dropped them off at your local recycling collection center. We often wondered in an area that seemed to be so committed to saving the environment why it wasn’t easier — but at least the option was available.

We have recently been made aware that Summit County plans to eliminate recycling. Breckenridge Town Council, please work with the County Commissioners to find a way to maintain support for recycling in your communities. You have residents and visitors who want to protect the environment — not increase waste in landfills.

Cherri and Jack Musser

Tellico Village, Tennessee

Concerning budget cuts to recycling program

I was dismayed to read of the planned cuts to the recycling program for Summit County. I understand the financial reasons that cuts need to be made in order to balance the 2017 budget. However, it would be good if homeowners had other choices in this community, but we do not.

We have been full-time residents for 16 years and have been encouraged that so many improvements have been made to SCRAP, High Country Conservation Center (HC3), the recycling centers, etc. Although there are many items we cannot recycle here as other communities do, at least we can dispose of items that are accepted. I am concerned about the following: more litter would be seen by the roadside in our beautiful county; zero waste events would create large amounts of waste that, along with all residential disposables, would fill SCRAP very quickly and HC3 services such as composting classes, etc., would go away. These are just a few among many others.

I suggest the county strongly consider enforcing the trash flow control ordinance of 1980 which would require Timberline to again dispose at the SCRAP facility. In order to be able to continue things as they are now my guess is that many property owners would be willing to add a few dollars to their trash pickup fees. Was this ever considered? Have other avenues been explored of ideas other communities have utilized in the same situation?

I strongly urge the county commissioners and all who are involved in this decision-making to find a workable solution to this budget crisis. Once these services are lost, it will be very difficult to regain them.

Anne Marie Chapin


Dear Summit County kids

It’s us, your moms. We wanted to write to you to remind you of some things, just so you don’t forget.

We think about you all day. We wanted to remind you of that. We put our hearts out to the world and hope you feel it as you walk the hallways of your schools.

We know you struggle.

We know you are having a hard time. We don’t always know what to do to help you but know that we want to listen to you. We love you and you matter to us.

All of you.

Some of you are hurting after the election and we know that too. We met on the lawn of Frisco Elementary, whether in presence or regrets. We tried to show you with our signs and our chants. “The Peace in Me Sees the Peace in You. The Love in Me Sees The Love in You.”

But you’re getting older and we’re not always sure how to respond when you need us. Hugs are always here, though, you know. We love you all day whether you’re with us or not. Whether you make mistakes or not.

We know some of you are making mistakes. You’re hiding your sadness, not telling us you need us, or you’re lashing out and hurting your peers. Your words are powerful and we know it. You may just be learning exactly how powerful words are and that’s OK. It’s a hard lesson to learn when you hurt people with your words. It’s even more powerful to admit you’ve made a mistake and it’s hard. We know that. We expect you to do it just the same, and we’re here, your community, to remind you that you must do what is hard. You must stand up for what’s right. And we’re here, our love is all around you to remind you what we expect of you and how we support you doing it. But let’s be clear that you must do it.

Some of you are hurting because of what’s been said to you. We’ve heard about that too. We don’t know when it’s best for you to confront hate head on and when it’s best to walk way. We want to know but we don’t really. We love you whether you confront the hate or walk away.

Some of us are not white and some of us are. We whites don’t always know how to help you see that not all white people are full of hate. Most of us want to be good, no matter what color our skin is. But all of us are here and what we know most, is that we love you and you’re valued.

You are so, so valued.

You are literally the most valuable thing we have in this community. We want and expect you to do better than we did, to be better than we are. We know the instances of bullying in our community are less than in many others but we do not set the bar based on others. We set our expectations based on you. And we expect you to be excellent.

So whether you agreed with the election or not. Whether you could vote or couldn’t. Whether you are white or brown or don’t identify with your skin at all, we love you. We love you no matter who you love or what body you live in. We love you.

We love you when you stumble and when you are unsure. We love you when you are quietly right. We love you when you make a mistake and we are proud when you right that mistake. We love you when you meet and exceed our expectations and we hope our love is pushing you to go back and get it done when you didn’t.

We. Love. You.

Now, go do right. We’re here.

Penned by Karin Mitchell

Signed by Summit County Moms

Erica Currey

Alexandra Rodriguez

Marianne McMahon

Eliana Almonte

Jennifer Bikkál Horne

Jennifer Lange Bower

Leslie Walker Ford

Marbella Carrillo

Emily Palm Mulica

Luciene Teixeira de Jesus

Jen Brassanini

Kim Purcell Ramey

Solveig L Heide Koczak

Brianne Snow

Ruth Hendricks

Ritu Tuladhar

Marianne McMahon

Anna Gonzalez

Niamh McGoff

Lauren DeRoche

Lori Lambert

Dawn Banas

Merida Lazareno

Jen de Loe

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