Summit Daily letters: Takeaways from the Republican National Convention |

Summit Daily letters: Takeaways from the Republican National Convention

RNC — the anti-Woodstock

At last, the “love fest” in Ohio is over.

A convention hall filled with the “oppressed peoples” of the country, the well-heeled, paying outlandish prices for seating and “struggling” to pay for lodging and air travel. An antithesis to Woodstock and, as one wag put it, reminiscent of a brown shirt meeting in 1930’s Germany.

In viewing this morning’s Trumpian bloviations of his coronation, I became visibly ill and, were I younger, would be on my way to becoming an ex-patriot.

This was the worst exhibition of hate and loathing I have ever experienced in my years on this earth.

Billed as filled with love by his majesty to be, the perfect one, has a strange definition of love. Sickening at best, utterly disgusting at worst. Can we take four years of watching this utter narcissist and his rambling self praise?

I can imagine his cabinet; Christie, attorney general; Carson, surgeon general; Joanie Ernst, ambassador general; and maybe his press secretary — our own Morgan Liddick — and more.

Folks, we stand on the precipice as Rome did with Nero: as a leader, as a great power following in the footsteps of England, France and Spain — once the greatest powers in the world … now not so much, due to their greed and desire to rule the world.

As a former combat-era Marine, I fear for my grandchildren, fear for our country’s future and, for the first time ever, feel shame for what this country has become.

Trump’s claim of building a wall, eliminating crime and many more outlandish claims so unrealistic and unattainable. Our country, more divided than the Civil War ara and will become so much more as well as division with the rest of the world.

We cannot allow this egotistical buffoon to be the “voice of America.”

W. Gerald Bird Jr


Back to first principles

After watching much of the Republican National Convention, I heard a lot of “Bring America back” and “Support and Defend the Constitution” but not very much about how to do it. That can only be done by electing governments from among us who will actually live up to their oath of office and revive the constitutional functions as written: Congress legislates, presidents execute and courts adjudicate. It worked for a hundred years.

No more hiring impartial specialists to decide how we should live — by establishing rules to organize, supervise and subsidize our daily activities all with borrowed money and without the consent of the people. Government must give the people credit for being able to take care of themselves.

Is it entirely unreasonable to adopt Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy expressed in his first inaugural address? “A wise and frugal government (is one) which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

Tony Flitcraft


Breck majors in parking studies

Since I moved to Breckenridge in 1980, I have been exceedingly grateful for choosing such a great place to live.

Back in those days, parking was not an issue; how to get more people here was. Work was sometimes scarce — hard to believe now — and many visitors complained there wasn’t enough to do. Breckenridge is a shining star of having a vision and going toward it. The place that has been created the last thirty-six years is truly amazing.

It was some time in the mid ‘80s that we all started talking about parking. I don’t have the resources, but perhaps the SDN could research: How many parking studies have been done in Breckenridge in the last thirty years and how many millions have been spent? I would guess by memory that at least a dozen and probably at least one.

It’s been an ongoing joke with my wife when we are looking for a space: Perhaps we need a parking study, dear. Didn’t they do a study two years ago before the suggestion of a tax was brought up? Then we got another study after the tax was implemented?

I think I have to agree with the ski resort that it’s about time for some action before another thirty years goes by, and visitor’s frustration leads us full circle back to the problem of getting customers to return.

Tom Driemeyer


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