Summit Daily letters: Terrified by Republican viewpoints |

Summit Daily letters: Terrified by Republican viewpoints

Terrified by Republican viewpoints

Few things are scarier than a politician who invokes God to support his or her views.

In the July 17 Summit Daily, politician Kim McGahey (chairman of our county’s Republican Party) writes of “God-given constitutional Rule of Law.” Neither “God” nor any synonym appears in the Constitution of the United States. McGahey’s views (and similar views of politicians around the world who invoke some sort of god) simply terrify me.

He once ran for high office in our state regarding education. Sadly, he does not know the difference between “marshal law” (which is in his article) and “martial law.” I encourage readers to view this politician (and by implication the party he represents) as what he is: A demagogue who knows he is right because God is on his side. (Demagogue: a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular prejudices rather than by using rational argument.)

McGahey belittles Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Yet he and his party (all parties really) follow these rules very closely. Alinsky’s Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”; Rule 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

Stan Wagon


Time to face harsh realities

I like Jeffrey Bergeron both as a person and a writer. Most of the time l like “just how he rolls” whether on a bike or with a butt rash. I like the subtlety of his humor and his ADD point of view — of being steep, deep and dyslexic.

But there is a point where loving your wife, riding your bike and applying butt creme comes up short. Just as there is a point when escaping to the Rockies for a vacation or a lifestyle “tuck” and a second home is an irresponsible alternative to facing the reality of pulling your head out of the sand and seeing the world for what it is.

The time has come for us to go through the tragedies not around them. Humanity does not have much chance if it doesn’t make the right choices in the midst of all the tragedies.

Sorry Jeffrey and all those applying the salve of positivity. There just isn’t enough energy in a truth that says, “I’ve found the best way to deal with a horrific situation is to ignore it,” and cover it up with a butt creme of a “world of lovable possibilities.”

If this is the way we choose to roll, then we are contributing to the problems and tragedies of the world far more than we realize.

Charles ‘Bud’ Hill

Summit County

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