Summit Daily letters to the editor: Global warming and TABOT touts |

Summit Daily letters to the editor: Global warming and TABOT touts

Breathe of hot air

RE: Let’s tax what makes the whole world sick (Summit Daily News, June 17)

Alan Best’s column discussing what he thinks makes people sick reminds me of the alar-in-apples scare of the 1990s and the recent scares regarding coffee. Both have been debunked, as has Best’s alarmism regarding carbon dioxide and global warming.

His claim that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere harms the planet has no real data to back it up and neglects the benefits. Patrick Moore, a former founder of Greenpeace, says human carbon dioxide emissions are wholly beneficial because all life is carbon-based, including human life. There is a reason horticulturalists pump carbon dioxide into their greenhouses. Even the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been mapping the increased greening of the planet over the past several decades due to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Huge gains in the southern Sahara region in Africa and in western India will help starving populations grow food in those regions as will increases elsewhere.

Best’s claim that carbon dioxide is causing global warming flies in the face of real data over the statistically significant interval of the past 17 years showing no warming. The Hadley Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in Britain released data from over 30,000 stations worldwide showing global warming stopped in 1998. Satellite data from the University of Alabama – Huntsville’s Microwave Sounding Unit also shows declines in the past decade despite increases in carbon dioxide.

Why are we getting carbon dioxide increases? Man accounts for a miniscule amount. The majority comes from the oceans warming since the Little Ice Age 400 years ago, forcing carbon dioxide out of solution and into the atmosphere, similar to opening a warm Coke. It is widely known in the climate community, though not widely publicized, that carbon dioxide concentrations increase AFTER temperature increases, so how can increases in carbon dioxide be the cause of temperature increase?

Look to the sun if you want to see what will happen to our climate. The drop in solar activity in the 1970s gave us the cooling scares then, but our most recent cycle had the lowest peak in over 100 years. Japanese and Russian scientists, with recent concurrence by Chinese and Indian scientists, are predicting 20 to 30 years of cooler temperatures due to the long-term solar magnetic trends happening now. Pray we don’t fall into another Little Ice Age which ran the Vikings out of Greenland and had Londoners skating on the Thames River.

As for Best’s support of the proposed Clean Power Plan, its name ought to be the “Mean Power Plan” because it will force people into energy poverty. Alarmists like Best want to tear down the world’s least costly and most reliable power system and replace it with an expensive and unreliable one. This proposal will disproportionately harm the poor while the EPA’s own projection says the plan will cause a 0.02°C temperature reduction in 85 years, an amount so small it is within the immeasurable margin of error. How convenient they cannot be proven wrong. Yet Colorado’s goal of a 31-percent emissions reduction under the plan will spike power costs for every citizen in the state. A retired member of Colorado’s air quality board calculated a 17-percent increase in costs for every 10-percent reduction in emissions — meaning our bills would increase 51 percent over what we are paying today. Your $2,000 per year Excel bill would go over $3,000.

Poor people cannot afford another $50-100 hit on their monthly budgets, but this proposal will do exactly that, making energy a luxury item. Some poor already call their electric bills “second rent” and are forced to choose between food or fuel. Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg found a 3-to-1 difference in deaths due to cold versus heat. In Europe last year, 40,000 deaths were attributed to cold because millions could not pay their power bills there. Cold and starvation will kill many more than immeasurable miniscule warming ever will, if that even comes to pass.

Living without low-cost abundant energy condemns the poor in Third World countries to a life of hardship, squalor and perpetual poverty. Perhaps Best should give up his car keys and trade places with them for a few years and see how he likes it. I’m certain he would get sick of THAT quickly. Perhaps he should suggest taxing NOT having affordable, available power.

Low-cost, abundant energy eases our burdens and improves our lives, as we’ve been able to do for over 100 years due to our fossil fuel industries making huge technological advances in exploration, production and consumption. Just think of all the things we use. Even washing clothes has become less of a burden because of cheap, reliable energy.

Did I mention getting across the nation takes hours now rather than months?

Terry W. Donze


Summit County

Touting TABOR

Kaeli Subberal’s article describing the negative impact TABOR has on our schools’ ability to perform their missions highlights the value TABOR has to the community at large: It forces the public sector to function like the private sector has to.

The private sector must respond to conditions as they occur by adjusting to them in order to survive; the public sector has no such constraints and functions indiscriminately at the expense of the private sector. TABOR appropriately provides that constraint.

Tony Flitcraft


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