Summit Daily letters: Vail Resorts supports school funding measures |

Summit Daily letters: Vail Resorts supports school funding measures

Vail Resorts supports school funding measures

At Vail Resorts, we believe that supporting world-class education is equally important to operating our world-class resorts. It is critical that we come together as a community to support the children, families and teachers who live and work in our mountain towns, and we’re encouraging the citizens of Eagle and Summit counties to join us in supporting the school funding measures on your ballot this November.

In Eagle County, voters will be asked to support ballot questions 3A and 3B that will allow the Eagle County School District to borrow $144 million to make critical capital improvements to our schools and other learning facilities as well as provide $8 million in additional operating revenue. These capital renovations and upgrades will improve safety and facilitate better learning environments for our children. The additional operating revenue, none of which will go to central administration, will be used to directly improve all of our children’s school experience.

In Summit County, voters will be asked to support ballot questions also numbered 3A and 3B – providing the district with collectively over $70 million – that are critical investments to improve the technological learning environments at our schools, as well as to provide the resources necessary to undertake major capital improvements, including safety and student accessibility upgrades. Previous educational-focused funding measures are expiring.

We believe these are responsible and thoughtful ballot measures that address true areas of important need in our schools. Vail Resorts has long been a supporter of ensuring a world-class education in the communities in which we operate and we urge every resident to join us this November to support the futures of Summit and Eagle counties’ kids.

Chris Jarnot

Executive Vice President and COO, Vail Mountain

Doug Lovell

Vice President and COO, Beaver Creek Resort

John Buhler

Vice President and COO, Breckenridge Ski Resort

Mike Goar

Vice President and COO, Keystone Resort

Re-elect Bruce Brown as district attorney

As a part-time resident of Eagle County, I felt the need to respond to former Sheriff Johnson’s letter supporting Bruce Carey for District Attorney. Sheriff Johnson asserted Mr. Carey was a man of integrity. Sheriff Johnson must have forgotten that Mr. Carey was disciplined by the Colorado Supreme Court for attempting to bribe two police officers, and was originally charged with a felony of bribing a witness. This is hardly the type of “integrity” we want in our elected district attorney, and I strongly believe the residents of Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, and Summit counties would not want a district attorney willing to cheat at any cost to hold such an important position.

I know Bruce Brown. He is a man of integrity and impeccable moral values. He has spent the last four years vigorously prosecuting individuals who are guilty of crimes and pose a public safety risk to the community, but he will not cheat to win at any cost. I’m not sure Mr. Carey shares that ethical trait. His history suggests otherwise.

Can the residents of the 5th Judicial District trust Mr. Carey in such an important position? I am not willing to risk the possibility that he will abuse his position to “win at any cost.” Are you?

I support Bruce Brown for re-election to the office of District Attorney. I hope you do too.

Judy Love


Protecting our wild spaces

We teach our children to respect nature and all forms of life, one another, our diversity and to make healthy choices. Thankfully we have people in the Southwest who understand these values because they are taking bold action to protect their ancestral homelands and sacred sites; thankfully we have members of our nation’s Congress, including Rep. Jared Polis, who believe in the positive values of conservation and preservation of the ancient and tribal history of the Red Rock Wilderness. Thankfully we have a President whose legacy will model the values we teach our children; especially if he declares Bears Ears in southeastern Utah a national monument.

The 1.9 million acres defined in the tribal proposal represent an unprecedented and extraordinary coming together of Native American tribes for a common vision to protect their ancestral homelands. Led by the Hopi, Zuni, Ute Mountain Ute, Navajo and Ute Indian Tribes, and supported by more than 25 tribes across the Southwest as well as the National Congress of American Indians, the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition has called on the Obama administration to designate the 1.9 million acres of public lands in southeastern Utah as a collaboratively managed Bears Ears National Monument. Fully I support the Inter-Tribal’s proposal and am asking our President to continue his legacy by accepting the Coalition’s proposal and declaring Bears Ears a national monument. Thank you President Obama for your bold leadership and declaration!

Connie Anderson


Bring Colorado health care into the 21st century

When I heard America pays twice what all other developed countries with universal health plans pay, I took notice. And when I heard we are ranked next to Cuba in health systems, I took notice. When I heard physicians are only 8% of health care costs, I took notice.

I look at Amendment 69 from many angles: As a physician in private practice, as a small business owner, as an insurance consumer on the present market, as a daughter and mother to those on federal systems, as a veteran supporter and as a Christian. To me it’s the ABCs

All covered. Everyone pays in (unless below the established poverty level) and everyone receives the same plan. In other developed countries when everyone receives good care the “I paid more and deserve better” goes away. A community shows concern for all its citizens when the basic need of health care is available to all. Life isn’t fair but compassion can be. America is struggling with respecting all its citizens and this is a huge step forward.

Better coverage. A silver plan with no deductibles equals a platinum plan. A platinum plan for all.

We don’t need insurance if we pay for health care. It’s the insurance premiums and the run up of charges to build profits that is costing so much. Not health care. Medicare runs a 5% administration cost. ColoradoCare can do the same. It doesn’t need 25% of your payment to dictate your options like for-profit health insurance. ColoradoCare is a non-profit health care payment system. Not insurance. And all those admin jobs that will be lost and hospitals closed (in big overbuilt cities) can become plentiful jobs providing good health care and space for health clinics.

Costs less. It is simple. It costs less. $5 billion dollars less. Look at the amount of money you paid for you and your family this year to have the privilege to get healthcare (insurance) and all your out of pocket costs. The average is over $20,000 for a family of four. Its often the second highest household cost. When the money collected goes to health care you don’t have to collect as much. If it goes to over 30 administrators for the Colorado Kaiser system and when health insurance industry has the highest average CEO salaries of any industry in America… don’t have to think long on this. Essentially with government mandated health insurance cost we are taxed today (about 23% of income). Why not make it a 10% tax for health care as proposed with ColoradoCare? Let the medical insurance industry go find another market to plunder.

Everyone should spend an hour watching “Now is the Time” Thursday at Summit County Community Center in Frisco at 6:30 pm. It’s a newly released internationally acclaimed documentary about health care. The filmmakers will be there to discuss. It shows ColoradoCare amongst other states with initiatives this fall. Join me there. Share your thoughts after you see this remarkable movie.

Kristine Hembre


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