Summit Daily letters: Wallace challenges Summit Daily endorsement |

Summit Daily letters: Wallace challenges Summit Daily endorsement

Wallace challenges Summit Daily endorsement

Yes, I am very disappointed in the Summit Daily endorsement for county commissioner. Not that I was not the endorsee (although I feel I deserve it), but because the editor(s) of a supposedly “fair” paper who made the endorsement did not even talk to me. (Please note: Not all reporters of the paper were involved in the endorsement.) The editors did not hear that my passion for this county the past 42 years has been to serve the citizens of Summit County. Or that I channeled this passion into being an elected official by seeking election. One of the current commissioners was appointed to fill my vacant position when I ran for County Treasurer (since I was term limited) and the other one was “drafted” by her party to run for Commissioner rather than seeking the position due to her desire to serve. The editorial staff did not talk to me about the innovative programs I, along with Gary Lindstrom and Tom Long, initiated. Programs such as the housing authority, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District, the first county in Colorado to ban smoking (before it became a state-wide ban), building of the hospital and medical office building, an agreement with the Denver Water Board that finally came to fruition that ensures Dillon lake levels and stream flows, protection of the backcountry, placing density where it does not create vista eyesores, and so on, and so on and so on. And that as Treasurer, I have saved Summit County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as implemented other programs to benefit Summit’s citizens.

No, the editorial staff took either the easy way out or the political way out by endorsing the incumbents rather than sitting down with at least me to know why I am seeking the office of County Commissioner and why I want to continue to serve the citizens of Summit County by working with the citizens to arrive at sustainable solutions to the issues facing our county.

Bill Wallace


Editor’s note: The Summit Daily News announced in early September that it would endorse candidates. Mr. Wallace did not reach out to seek our endorsement.

Support for Bruce Brown

I support Bruce Brown for District Attorney. I know Bruce Brown well. I have had the opportunity to have worked with him in the past, and I have had the good fortune to get to know him and come to call him a great friend. Bruce Brown is a district attorney that I believe in so strongly that I campaigned vigorously for him in 2012, and I am doing so again now in 2016. Bruce Brown is a dedicated district attorney, covering a diverse and sprawling four-county district. He spends significant time in each county, and is on top of the criminal prosecution cases in the four counties. Bruce Brown works hard to prosecute crime and oversee that justice is done in our counties. Please vote for Bruce Brown!

Liz Lounsberry


Support Sanam Mehrnia for district attorney

In relation to your informative editorial last week and the resulting hodgepodge of endorsements of the various candidates, I am curious to see the logic behind the Summit Daily’s resounding endorsement of nobody.

We are fortunate to have an incumbent candidate with the lack of character Bruce Brown has displayed. This man has blatantly ignored the mandate that got him to the office in the first place four years ago. Promises of “implementing a policy of restorative justice,” of mentoring inexperienced deputies and of supporting an inclusive atmosphere between the bench, law enforcement officials and the DA’s office have all been thrown out in the way a fickle child would discard a new pet once its novelty had run its course.

Major cases have been lost, the district attorney’s office is a shambles, the candidate’s own radio ads have targeted the bench as being too lenient on crime and his own philosophy has about-faced from a position of moderation to its current iteration, where the Democratic candidate is now the purveyor of overcharged cases and the need to take a hard line stance on all crime. Conveniently, his own legal indiscretions do not merit the self-same scrutiny he now espouses.

Four years on from 2012, the electorate is, if anything, worse off than from where we started, and according to Mr. Brown the only thing we can do is give him another four years to do the things he promised four years ago. I’m sorry but we have heard that tune before. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice….

We then have Bruce Carey, the Republican challenger. One can applaud his service in the military and his commitment to changing the focus of the DA’s office away from the numbers game of convictions and toward a more progressive focus on reducing recidivism.

However, Mr. Carey has previously worked for the office he now hopes to lead, and that tenure ended somewhat inauspiciously with his firing. Compounding this is his censure from the bar relating to charges for attempted bribery in 1993 and one again has to wonder as to the fit of the man for the post. It’s ironic that Mark Hulbert has endorsed his fellow Republican as the man to fix an office that is inherently “rudderless.” Mr. Hulbert should be well acquainted these accusations as they were the self-same accusations of institutional malaise that facilitated Mr. Brown’s ascendancy to the lofty position he now occupies.

Lastly we have the Independent challenger Sanam Mehrnia. Someone that has admitted to her own brush with the law without the need for investigative journalism to goad her mistake to the light. Ms. Mehrnia has had the term “inexperienced” thrown as a negative term in relation to her aspirations, yet both her political rivals have had their experience with being on the government’s side of the courtroom and it has ended in disaster in both cases. There is an old saying that, “inexperience is what makes a young man do what an older man says is impossible.” Ms. Mehrnia is free from the jaded trappings of the current District Attorney, free from the broken promises of a failed executive. Nobody has experience of a position until they have actually taken up the challenge and commence to the task at hand. She has self-financed an independent campaign that has both the GOP and the Democrats acknowledge that she is more than a legitimate contender. She’s the only candidate who is still on the front end of a legal career, she’s the only candidate who brings the vital energy, passion and competency that is needed to bring real and modern changes to the way all participants are treated in the criminal justice system. She has established and proven her skill in the courtroom. She has shown that she has the capacity to turn her errors into positives, to learn from her slips and turn those missteps into the strong grounding of her convictions. She has been on the winning side of her trials 95 percent of the time and has earned the admiration of law enforcement and the judiciary in the Colorado 5th Judicial district.

It is time to let fresh blood effect positive change in your community. It’s time to reject the old boys club way of doing things and affirm the idea of a fresh perspective. Both the major party’s candidates have run mutually toxic campaigns. Sanam is the only candidate that has not run character assassination advertisements in our local print and radio media but has chosen to address the need for change. It’s time to say no to the Bruces and yes to someone that has the attitude to reinvigorate and effectively lead our unkempt prosecutorial system. On Nov. 8 vote Sanam.

Anthony Bulfin


Support school funding measures

Education is the best investment a community can make and that is why I am urging you to support 3A and 3B.

The teachers in Summit County do an excellent job of educating our children in spite of many obstacles. In the last few years, state tax limiting measures have forced Summit Schools to make deep budget cuts and defer much needed maintenance. Many of the schools have leaking roofs and need a permanent fix. Both the middle school and high school are nearing capacity and our students need adequate space so learning can occur. Also, it is essential that teachers educate children in the use of the latest instructional technology so our students can compete on a worldwide stage.

Summit School District believes in championing student success, empowering student-centered learning, and developing caring citizens but they need everyone’s help. Kerry Buhler, Summit School District superintendent, and the Summit Board of Education responsibly handle tax payer dollars to benefit all students in our community.

Education of students and maintenance of our facilities are an expensive proposition, but with your support on 3A and 3B our students and schools can continue to excel in a 21st century learning environment.

Debra Mitchell

Retired teacher

Summit School District

Vote Yes on 3A and 3B for strong Summit schools

We need to invest in our schools and in our community’s future. I believe that education is the most powerful way to change yourself, your community and our world. That’s why I’m voting yes on 3A and 3B, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

As an entrepreneur, mother and STEM graduate (and advocate, especially for girls in STEM), I support 3A and 3B for three reasons. First, Summit County needs to continue to support the tradition of excellence with strong schools. Second, we need to provide the basics to our students, which means roofs that don’t leak, enough classrooms to prevent overcrowding and updated safety and security measures. And third, we need to give our students the tools, resources and facilities to prepare them for the ever-changing world and workforce. In particular, we need to level up the technology in our schools.

I’m voting yes on 3A and 3B because I love this community and believe we can — and we need to — make a great thing even better. Please help support our students and community by voting yes on, or before, Nov. 8.

Amy Kemp


Cofounder of ELEVATE coworking spaces

Committee member for Citizens of Strong Summit Schools and, most importantly, a mom

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