Supreme Court decisions expose legal contradictions (letter) |

Supreme Court decisions expose legal contradictions (letter)

I am so thankful for the Supremes’ two decisions this last week!

Number one: The law doesn’t mean what it clearly says for the good of the citizen and his/her welfare. I’ll soon be interpreting every law using the new “Roberts Rule” so that they are now for the good of this citizen and his welfare.

Number two: Any right in one state must equally be applied in every state because of the “due process clause.” I’m now using “Kennedy’s Due Process Clause Rule” to open carry and conceal carry in every state in the union.

Yes, that was sarcasm, but it rings true. If you can apply the general intent of a law to override specific contrary wording in a law (Obamacare), then you’ve lost the integrity of statutory law in general.

If you don’t just strike down a law in a few states but create laws in states where they did not exist due to the perceived right of marriage, then you can also apply it to laws that strike down Constitutionally-guaranteed rights in states that prohibit them and create laws supporting those rights in other states that did not have those rights allowed in their states.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Guy Pacot


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