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Tackaberry: In truth, marijuana-on-Main opponents seek discrimination

I have recently noted a number of letters and even a couple of email petitions opposing allowing shops on Breckenridge’s Main Street which sell medical and/or recreational marijuana. Terms have been used such as “non-traditional”, “not family-friendly” and a few have even threatened the “recall or firing of the town council.” I believe these thoughts to be an overly emotional outcry which is hardly based on reasonable thinking.

I believe this opposition to be absolutely discriminatory. Should the town bar any of the vast number of T-shirt shops, realtors because some find them tacky? As long as a Main Street shop is tastefully decorated and their merchandise is presented in a stylish manner, that shop should be allowed to sell any legal product.

Finally, if the Breckenridge Town Council refuses a legitimate business (which meets all of the town’s business requirements) to locate on Main Street, I would encourage such business to allow a court of law to decide the matter.

Stace Tackaberry


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