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Tackaberry: The outrageous cost of Summit County healthcare

Recently the Summit Daily and The Denver Post have published a number of pieces regarding the Colorado mountain region’s ridiculously high cost of health insurance. The same conclusion was drawn in all which I read; the high cost of the region’s health care.

About a month ago I visited a Summit County dentist for a very minor procedure. In fact, it was so minor, I was in his chair for a grand total of fourteen minutes. For this fourteen minutes I was charged $100 dollars. Later, and upon reflection of this outlandish charge, it occurred to me that as long as Summit County medical and dental consumers will uncomplainingly put up with this level of extortion it will continue and we have little right to snivel about our health insurance premiums.

There are less expensive options. I have chosen one of these…Denver. Most of us have family and friends in the Denver-area; get a recommendation from them and schedule your appointment(s) around other Denver-area errands. Be wise consumers!!

Stace Tackaberry


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