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Taylor: Post off in Breckenridge (letter)

This is a follow up to the Dec. 19 letter from Daryl Birger regarding the Breckenridge Post Office.

The employees in the Breckenridge Post Office are more arrogant and condescending to their customers than I've ever seen in any other business anywhere. How do they continue to get away with it?

I recently brought in a receipt for a postage refund for an overnight letter. My overnight letter to the East Coast took five days. I was informed my overnight letter took five days because I brought it in after 3 p.m.

Really? (FYI — the USPS offers a postage refund if your overnight letter doesn't get to its destination overnight.)

When I was showing the employee, who I won't name, the receipt, he literally grabbed it out of my hand, and he said: "You're not getting any refund, and you're not getting this receipt back." What? It's my receipt.

After a lot of yelling on my part, he gave me back my receipt but not a refund. I'll never go the Breckenridge Post Office again. I'd rather drive to Frisco where they treat customers with some respect.

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(Note: I got my refund through my credit card company.)

Paul Taylor