Thanks from the man in the straitjacket (letter) |

Thanks from the man in the straitjacket (letter)

I would like to offer my warm heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in making this year’s “straitjacket Challenge” FUN-raiser to benefit Mountain Mentors a rousing success (we’ve raised $4,500 so far and our goal of $5,000 is surely attainable).

Thanks to the inspiring staff at Mountain Mentors Shauna, Dan, Jesse and Lauren, you are extraordinary! Thanks to the most excellent producer/videographer Justin Park who made an outstanding video. Thanks to the supporters/wingmen and women who kept encouragement flowing which helped me to remain upright during the feat. Thanks most importantly to ALL who donated their hard-earned dollars so that fortunate Summit County youth will be able to enjoy scholarships for summer camps.

I feel so grateful to live in such a wonderfully supportive community!

John Jay DeBaggis


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