Thomas: A low-turnout election favors the Republican Party |

Thomas: A low-turnout election favors the Republican Party

While I always disagree with Morgan Liddick, I readily see that he is intelligent and well read. And I do not fault him for gloating in his piece right after the election. But even he will have to acknowledge some facts about this election. Only 36 percent of national voters cast a ballot. Nearly 50 percent in Colorado. This is why the GOP did so well. They showed up, and most of Democratic voters will wait for 2016. The higher number in our state showed up in some key votes. Udall ran a very poor campaign, while Cory Gardner appealed to a member of an extinct species — the moderate Republican.

But Hickenlooper beat Beauprez by a higher number than did Gardner vs. Udall.

And, finally, Liddick knows the elections are cyclical and one side can clobber the other and then the reverse happens. Also, Democrats will keep on winning the presidency as long as the GOP keeps putting up Blue Suit with a Red Tie who is to the right of Genghis Khan.

Ted Thomas


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