Tracy: Udall fights to protect our natural environment |

Tracy: Udall fights to protect our natural environment

I am writing to strongly urge support for US Senator Mark Udall’s re-election. Senator Udall has done much for Colorado and Summit County during his years of public service. He has focused on what’s most important to Coloradans – protection of our natural environment, preservation of the health of our forests (only a few short years ago we thought we would completely lose our lodgepole forest), strengthening our economy, and protection of our civil rights by fighting to limit the power of the National Security Agency to spy on US citizens. These are only a few of the many issues on which Senator Udall has worked so hard for us. His goal has always been to do what’s right for Coloradans, using an ethical and collaborative approach. His opponent on the other hand has demonstrated that he will say and do anything for power, including being untruthful about a federal personhood bill he is sponsoring. Please vote for Senator Udall in this very important race.

Emily Tracy


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