Trigg: Humans not on a bear’s menu |

Trigg: Humans not on a bear’s menu

Humans not on a bear’s menu

There was an inexcusable error in Wednesday morning’s story by Richard Seeley titled “Inside Denali.” Seeley writes that bears consume “… caribou, moose, Dall sheep, berries and people.” It is just this kind of misinformation that creates an unjustified image of bears as wanton killers, and scares people into believing that they are much more dangerous than they actually are. Bears do not stalk or pursue human beings. Bear attacks are almost always the result of a human stumbling upon and/or surprising the bear. Seeley claims to be a wildlife photographer, and if he is he should know better than to pass on such errant writings. The Summit Daily should also proof its copy before printing it.

Bruce Trigg


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