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Uphold freedom of speech on the Fourth (letter)

Re: Tony Flitcraft’s “Even The Pope Says She’s Wrong”

My letter has nothing to do with climate change, racism, the welfare state, the national deficit or any other controversial issue that is bantered about everyday in the media. What this letter is really about is freedom.

As we celebrate our nation’s birth this Fourth of July, I want to point out a line from Mr. Flitcraft’s letter to the Summit Daily News that is crucial to understanding why our country has become so polarized: He said, “I don’t understand how the opinion of such a climate-change denier was qualified to be published in the SDN.”

As long as people like Mr. Flitcraft believe that only their opinions should be published, there is no chance of arriving at solutions. It is clear from his letter that he believes that only he — and like-minded individuals — are to be taken seriously. The freedom to express one’s opinions, debate the issues and solve any problems will elude us as long as their are people like Mr. Flitcraft who can’t fathom how a variety of opinions should be presented to the public.

He and those who share his idea that only their views should be published are the most dangerous Americans of all.

Lynn Haass


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