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Utah offers example on religious freedom law (letter)

There are so many people on the bandwagon trying to ensure that the LGBT community is never discriminated against that no one seems to notice that other people’s rights are being run over!

David Sirota joined that crowd and called the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act law discriminatory (“Companies’ pro-equality rhetoric belied by their campaign donations,” April 13). That is wrong! It was a law that allowed an individual or a business that felt overly burdened by the government and unable to practice their religion as they saw fit to be able to take their case to court. That is if the government did not have a more compelling argument and with no guarantees that the individual or business would win their case. Indiana caved and is changing the law to suit those who objected to the way it was written. So about that law, I think there is a much better way to handle differing interests and beliefs. We can look to our Utah neighbors, who have included the religious community and the LGBT community to put together an RFRA that is inclusive to both.

Enough so that President Obama met with the leaders of the Mormon Church and congratulated them on their efforts in working with the LGBT community for the Utah RFRA. I care about religious freedom in our country. I care enough to stand up to people who are on this bandwagon and not paying attention to the way they are trampling other’s ability to practice their faith according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Karen W. Cook


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