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Wagon: A argument against Breckenridge businesses’ open-door policy

A recent Summit County article points out that the county commissioners and some town officials want to encourage energy conservation by turning off inessential lighting during a one-hour event. A much more obvious way to save energy is to close the front door of a home or business during the winter. Homeowners know to do this. But many shops in Breckenridge do the exact opposite, leaving their doors open — wide open — to make it easier for people to come in, with no regard to the outside temperature. While this behavior is no doubt the result of the owner’s cost-benefit analysis of fuel consumption vs. customer encouragement that comes down in favor of using more fuel (and the resulting contribution to pollution), and a private citizen has every right to do this, one might hope that the town council and citizens of Breckenridge (and possibly the Breckenridge Resort Chamber) might be able to exert some pressure to let the stores know that many people disapprove of this wasteful practice.

Stan Wagon


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