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‘We did not wait to be drafted — we volunteered’ (letter)

I sympathize with Judge Karen Romeo’s problem with juror no-shows. Even among those who respond, judges are faced with flimsy reasons to be excused and responses to questions they know will disqualify them.

I once gave a patriotic appeal to a jury panel, explaining that since the military draft was eliminated, jury duty is the only service our country asks of it citizens.

I pointed out that since World War II, 3.7 million citizens were drafted, and, of those draftees, over 55,000 were killed in combat in Korea and Vietnam. The government for which these citizens gave the ultimate sacrifice only asks a juror to give up a week of their time.

My appeal made absolutely no difference. I do not know what has happened to patriotism in our country. In my generation, we did not wait to be drafted — we volunteered.

Thomas M. Gallen

Senior Circuit Judge


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