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Willing to the answer the jury call (letter)

I am in complete agreement with Judge Karen Romeo’s guest column and Judge Thomas Gallen’s response regarding jury duty. However, I have the opposite situation. I have been eligible to serve on a jury for 50 years and have never been asked to serve! I am fascinated by the legal system and would love to be on a jury!

So I am curious, where do counties find their jury pools? I have been a registered voter and driver my entire time in Colorado. I have lived in the same county for 37 years and before that, 13 years in the same county in another state. My father was called for jury duty less than a year after moving to my county.

Are there red flags on my name? Does the fact that I was born in Canada count against me even though I have been a U.S. citizen for over 40 years? I would love to know why I have never been called to serve.

Nancy Lee


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