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Woelfel: Kudos to Rep. Polis (letter)

I applaud the efforts displayed by U.S Representative Jared Polis for introducing and fostering a bill that would protect roughly 58,000 acres in eastern Eagle and Summit counties. I am especially grateful that 39,000 of those acres may receive Wilderness status. This would ensure that development, mining and needless road building through wildlife habitat are stopped. This bill will help conserve our wilderness which is essential to our environment, future generations and the state's economy. Without a continued and everlasting effort for preservation our tourist economy and watershed would be at risk.

I recently moved to Colorado from a state where less than one percent of total land area is designated as Wilderness. I moved here for the Rocky Mountains, wildlife, beautiful rivers and a statewide attitude that appreciates and understands how vital these things are. I want Colorado to set a shining example for every other state in this country and I think this bill accomplishes that. I want Colorado to show others that conservation is not something to be traded for in order to gain success but rather it is an irreplaceable part of being successful. I hope action is taken swiftly before developmental concerns threaten the area again.

Zach Woelfel

Denver, CO