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Wyatt: Unfriendly Dillon parking enforcement a deterrent for visitors

My wife and I have lived and parked in Summit County for over 25 years.

Dillon Experience: I received a parking ticket on the 100 block of Lodgepole where Ive parked for well over 15 years without issue. I did miss the large signs that the city of Dillon installed recently. These signs indicated that the parking area regulations had changed .

The window for “warning” tourists, residents, and other unwitting parkers was about two days.

The ticket for my violation ($50) was inserted into a large plastic sleeve, which had adhered to my car’s window. The sticker , when removed, left a mess on my car that can only be removed with chemicals to dissolve the sticky substance. This treatment comes across as aggressive and very unfriendly.

Aspen Experience: My wife and I took a day off of work to drive over Independence Pass to see the changing aspen. We arrived in Aspen in time for lunch and found a parking spot one block off the walking mall.

After lunch, we shopped around the block when I noticed a centralized parking meter to pay for spots close in to the walking mall.

Upon arriving back at my car , I found a ticket on my windshield. This ticket was the paper variety neatly tucked under my wiper. I took the ticket off my windshield (no sticky mess) and opened it to find a printed WARNING ticket. The warning ticket thanked me for coming to Aspen and reminded me that most of the fees for parking go to support the free bus transportation around the town.

Lesson: Watch where I’m parking and avoid Dillon.

Matthew Wyatt


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