Zador: Religion and medicine don’t mix (letter) |

Zador: Religion and medicine don’t mix (letter)

While I appreciate Doc PJ's willingness and creativity to circumvent Centura's contraception policy, I am deeply disturbed by the situation.

Obstructing transparent access to contraception and family planing creates a climate of misinformation with clearly documented consequences: increased unwanted pregnancies, complications from sub-standard abortions and increased transmission of STIs.

Furthermore, it allows for the subjectivity of providers to dictate what information is offered; someone with different values will perhaps not offer the same double-speak.

This only further serves to disenfranchise the most vulnerable portions of our community — the poor, uneducated and non-English speaking.

Religious ideology ought not to have a place in the provision of vital health-care services. It is an outrage, given that Centura/St Anthony's is the only game in town. And incorrigible, given our present social climate that vilifies Islamic fundamentalism while turning a blind eye to Catholic religious dogma.

Nic Zador

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