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Letters: Vaccines and science

Vaccine science

At the Celebration of Science this past week in Breckenridge I noted that there were others present who also were concerned about vaccinations. I have been studying the topic for some time through the many resources available online. My knowledge was boosted tremendously last week with the posting of a seven-part docu-series called “The Truth About Vaccines.” The producer took a neutral approach to the topic of vaccine safety and efficacy. Among the expert and professional researchers was a particularly disturbing one. The CDC’s own vaccine researcher, Dr. William Thompson, admitted that the team he was on had manipulated and fraudulently destroyed data relating to the MMR vaccine. This is a major problem facing science today. Government policy and corporate business are distorting scientific facts. This puts the responsibility on each of us to seek out the truth for ourselves.

James Ittner


Climate science

RE: Summit County residents take to the streets for March for Science on April 22

How ironic they call it a “March For Science.” The people promoting this march are anything but For Science. They would prefer to stop enquiry altogether and claim the consensus on global warming is real and man is harming the planet. As physics prof. Cork Hayden (U. of Conn, Ret.) says, “Consensus is the enemy of science.” Why? Because it stops enquiry and halts the scientific method. Doubtless none of those marching even know what the scientific method is. It took hundreds of years for Einstein to prove some of Newton’s theories wrong, confirming the scientific method works even over long periods of time. Galileo found that going against the consensus in his time, that the Earth was the center of the universe, was problematic for him. He got his head chopped off for that. What a waste of an excellent mind that was! I’m certain the March for Science participants would prefer the same fate to all the climate realists who are attempting to confirm or deny the prevailing climate theories. I have a question for the marchers: If the EPA and NOAA science is “settled,” why won’t they release their data backing up their claims and allow other scientists to review it?

Terry W. Donze


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