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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Bathrooms the new battlefield

I never thought I’d thank a Democrat politician for anything again, but … Thank you, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, for showing us yet another example of the authoritarian snarl beneath the smiling mask of Progressivism.

Our case in point is the governor’s diktat of Wednesday last, prohibiting travel to North Carolina by New York state government employees. The reason for governor Cuomo’s carpet-crewing petulance is a recently-passed North Carolina law, saying essentially if you have male genitalia, use the male restroom. And vice versa.

While this might cause most of us to scratch our heads while wondering about the need for something that seems nothing more than common sense — or at least good manners — it has ignited fury among the easily enraged members of the transgendered community. You know, the “T” in the increasingly familiar acronym “LGBT” that, together with the enablers of the grievance industry, see naked aggression in rejecting the idea that a male should be able to use the “ladies’ room” simply on his assertion that he feels he belongs there. Or, she does. And vice versa.

The transgendered community is evidently a numerous and powerful constituency of the governor’s, so he climbed into high dudgeon and hurled the gauntlet down at the feet of the bumpkinocracy of North Carolina. Travel by all state employees was halted until the Tar Heel state acquiesces to the idea that, when it comes to facilities of convenience, one’s sex is that which one says it is, regardless of physical evidence. Or as he put it, “we will not stand idly by as misguided legislation replicates the discrimination of the past.” How a law requiring people to use the plumbing determined by their plumbing achieves the viciousness of Jim Crow is obscure, but such are the times in which we live. Perhaps the governor is suggesting a campaign to install couches in men’s rooms across the country.

Loopy logic is the least of lessons here. Consider that the governor, by halting official travel between the two states, is interfering with interstate commerce — something our federal government was instituted to prevent. Will we hear thunder from Washington about governor Cuomo’s misstep? Hardly. LGBT issues are the new fashion for our dissolute political class, so look for much more manufactured outrage over North Carolina’s effort to reintroduce a modicum of common sense into what is quintessentially a First World Problem. “A shameful attack on transgendered youth,” is the hyperventilating characterization of the Human Rights Campaign, a group obsessed with the human rights of the homosexual, bisexual and transgendered communities and utterly unconcerned about the human rights of others intent on exercising their constitutional right of belief — or of that much-prized right of “privacy.”

There is historical irony here. The doctrines of interposition and nullification and of state sovereignty with which we are dealing were once used for grand issues: the federal budget and the tariff; slavery; regulation of interstate commerce. Now, it’s access to the bathroom.

None of which means a thing to Gov. Cuomo who — in service to the well-heeled, vocal and politically influential LGBT cabal — will do what he can to punish North Carolina for the effrontery to have different priorities and beliefs than the cognoscenti of the Empire State.

One wonders what would happen if this same mindset were to occupy federal power, but then one remembers: It does. When Attorney General Loretta Lynch warns that people whose anti-Muslim rhetoric “edges toward violence” will be prosecuted, and that she has “investigated” the possibility of prosecuting “climate change deniers,” passing the question to the FBI “for further study;” when the Internal Revenue Service grants tax-exempt status based on political orientation; when the Environmental Protection Agency promulgates a plan to grievously damage the national economy in service of an ephemeral goal dear to a radical few. We’re there, folks. That the governments of California and New York are following suit only confirms the fact: “Do as we say, or else” is always and everywhere the mantra of the Left.

So thank you again, Gov. Cuomo. Thank you, Loretta Lynch. Thank you Lois Learner and Gina McCarthy. Thank you all for once again showing the inflexible connection between the Progressives’ urge to do good as they see it and the totalitarian means they will inevitably employ at the first sign of resistance. Because in their eyes those who object to their plans are evil, or dopes, or rubes to be crushed in the name of “progress.” From the avuncular Bernie to the crazy-eyed Hillary, the beshaded Harry or the sneering Andrew, do not doubt: They see only their supporters as good and intelligent. All others are obstacles to be removed.

By any means necessary.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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