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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Democrats have forgotten about sovereignty

Morgan Liddick
And On Your Right

Democrat members of our state assembly need a dictionary. Or a history text. They have forgotten about sovereignty, an essential component of national states for the past 500 years.

It wasn’t enough to grant Colorado’s illegal alien population access to college tuition levels unobtainable by someone from, say, Oklahoma. All in the name of fairness and “opportunity” of course – with a degree, these graduates can get fabulous jobs with big pay. Do none making this argument understand that any potential employer would be breaking federal law? Perhaps they know but don’t care, expecting the amnesty movement to sweep all before it through this sort of salami-slicing tactic. Or it may be a cynical ploy taken in full knowledge of federal prohibitions, but calculating that those to whom Democrats pander will not realize they’re being played, or will not care.

Another slice of the amnesty salami is SB13-251, a plan to make Colorado driving licenses proof of nothing save the presence of a pulse and the ability to draw breath. This example of legislative lunacy has a mercifully short title and the charmingly frank admission that “The bill repeals a prohibition against issuing a driver’s license or identification card to a person who is not lawfully present in the U.S.”

You read that right. Our lawmakers are proposing to hand out state IDs like salted nuts, to whomever wants some. And don’t think for a minute that the requirement for a “not a legal resident” label on the back will make any difference when it comes to using the ID for any of the myriad purposes that require one these days.

Couple this with the big chunk o’ salami called HB13-1303, an engraved invitation to commit election fraud with a 12-line title that could be shortened to “we don’t care if you’re eligible or you vote twice, as long as it’s for a Democrat.” It will allow same-day registration, a tactic long-used by Democrats in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere to pack shaky districts with busloads of last-minute “residents.” The bill also contains provisions mandating mail-in ballots for almost every election other than for dogcatcher, and removing the “inactive” category for voters who have not recently cast a ballot. To modern Democrats, being ineligible or dead is no reason to be deprived of one’s civil rights.

What is the purpose of this legislative frenzy? To strengthen Colorado Democrats’ voting block, by hook or crook. What is the downside? None, if you believe that notions like playing by the rules, national borders or electoral integrity are quaint relics of an antique past. What is the cost? Incalculable, and our children will pay it.

These pieces of legislation will make our state a magnet for those who have overstayed visas, entered the country illegally, worked illegally and otherwise jumped the line and showed flagrant disregard for laws of both our country and our state. But this is the constituency the Democrat Party is seeking to empower with the vote, on the commonplace but corrupt theory that they will reliably vote Democrat henceforth: they are willing to bargain away our country’s sovereignty in return for transitory political gain. This will encourage further illegal entry and increase pressure on Colorado’s budget. Democrats want us to become California – without the surfing.

Local Democrats’ attitudes are echoed in Washington, where the president’s proposed budget offers a .5 percent reduction in Homeland Security spending, but a 22 percent reduction in funds for “border security,” and a 12 percent reduction for border surveillance. This augurs poorly for the outcome of any “immigration reform” based on securing borders first: there is absolutely no evidence that our Democrat solons, either in Denver or Washington, have any interest in re-establishing our sovereignty by doing this. On the contrary, by both actions and words they have shown they believe national borders are irrelevant and should perish – the sooner, the better. Especially if they can profit politically by it.

That’s not a good thing, and our senators and representatives, state and federal, should be told this. They may not care, but they should be aware that they are being watched by those unsympathetic to these sorts of damaging shenanigans.

Finally, an aside to Hayley Wolach, a loyal reader from Denver who suggests I didn’t do my homework on a recent visit by the “Energy Service Corps.” CoPRIG’s website notes that “Energy Service Corps is a joint project between the Colorado Public Interest Research Group Foundation and AmeriCorps,” and notes directors in common, so I’ll take them at their word.

Summit County resident Morgan Liddick pens a Tuesday column. Email him at mcliddick


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